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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS zine published in the 1980s called Starwave.

Title: Star-Wave
Publisher: Star Trek Fan Club Leminicus (STFCL), Quei-Starmerian Network, Leminicus
Editor(s): Richard Heim (Lincoln, NE)
Date(s): December 1972-1977
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star-Wave is a gen Star Trek: TOS club zine anthology. It has at least twenty-one issues and contains articles, reviews and fiction. Each issue contains an average of 10 pages.

Issue 1

Star-Wave 1 was published in December 1972.

top half of the first page of issue #1 -- the handwriting is from the zine's editor as he sent this issue to Gene Roddenberry
full first page of the first issue

From the first issue: "In order to, in some way, reply to the growing backlog of unanswered mail we are accumulating, we are sending this issue of the S.T.F.C.L. newsletter to all of our known mail contacts.

Reason: in May of 1972, a local group of Star Trek fans known as the Star Trek Fan Club Leminicus. At that time, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. We anxiously jumped into national fandom, opening up entirely new contacts which we never before knew existed. During the summer months, we reached the height of our activities. We had mail contacts throughout the nation. We started several local projects. We decided to publish a club magazine. Our hopes were high!

Then Disaster struck. Last September, fall class started completely wiping out our needed club time. We found ourselves over-extended. Mail communications dropped tremendously. We managed to put the premiere issue of our clubzine, THE NEBULUS #1. just before Disaster sank its stinging teeth into us. That was our August issue. We had hoped to be publishing on a monthly basis. It wasn't until November when we were able to put out the second issue of THE NEBULUS (which incidentally, was a double-issue).

It is now nearing the end of March, and the fate of THE NEBULUS looks grim. Our present plans forsee the end of THE NEBULUS and the beginning of a new S.T.F.C.L. clubzine. But this is discussed in STAR-WAVE ZETA.

Getting to the primary point, the reason you, the reader, are receiving this newsletter is probably included in the following list of reasons: This issue of STAR-WAVE is destined to be the first of the S.T.F.C.L.'s regularly-published newsletters which will be sent to all Leminicus members free of charge. ... Its purpose, in this respect is to let our members know that we still exist and that they have not been forgotten! It shall also serve to keep them informed of the developments shaping up by the Leminican Council.

To those non-members who are receiving this STAR-WAVE, the majority of you have sent letters to us which we have not yet been able to answer. This newsletter shall therefore serve to acknowledge receipt of our letter and to inform you that we will eventually get around to answering it. In our present chaotic contrition, it is extremely difficult just to keep track who has even sent us letters!"

Issue 2

Star-Wave 2

Issue 3

Star-Wave 3 was published in July 1973. It contains no art.

Issue 4

Star-Wave 4

Issue 5

Star-Wave 5 was published in October 1973. It has a front cover by B. Parrish.

  • Science in the News (article)
  • Newspaper articles on UFO (article)
  • Star Trek Tachyonic (article)
  • Star-Wave Xi by R. Heim (article)
The issue was late, and mentioned in the ending editorial by Richard Heim, Jr., in Berengaria #2:

Fourthly, I must apologize for my failure to answer the letters sent to me by those approximately 93 people who have been kind enough to write, I have isolated what I believe to be the two primary causes for the lack of correspondence (which doesn't help me now), but save heart — only two more weeks of First Semester classes at the University of Nebraska remain, then Final Examinations, then I shall be free (I think). In addition to the resultant lack of communication, I have been unable to complete the full printing of all of the copies of STAR-WAVE # 5, which I had promised (to several dozen people) would be ready two months ago. I have managed only to finish enough copies for Q.S.N, members, and have mailed these. This sort of thing — although these delays should be accepted -- is inexcusable, and I accept my punishment.

Lastly, I must make slight mention of several growing problems which have suddenly popped up. The Big One which all of you have probably heard of by now is the Arab oil embargo. I needn't mention the havoc the embargo will play on the speed of the United States Postal Service because of the resulting gasoline shortage — causing further delays and all of that — so I won't. But I will mention that the embargo may very well have a detrimental effect on publishing. STAR-WAVE is printed by a mimeograph machine, which uses an oil-based ink . . . In addition, I have heard of a growing paper shortage. And, most importantly, postage rates are increasing.

Issue 6

Star-Wave 6

Issue 7

Star-Wave 7

Issue 8

Star-Wave 8 was published in May 1974. It has a front cover by B. Parrish.

  • Science in the News (article)

Issue 9

Star-Wave 9

Issue 10

Star-Wave 10

Issue 11

Star-Wave 11 was published in 1975, concurrently with issue #12.

  • Devil's Triangle by B. Parrish (article)
  • The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 1)

Issue 12

Star-Wave 12 was published in (September?) 1975. It contains no art.

  • The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 2)
  • Science in the News by (article)
  • Newspaper articles on UFO (article)
  • Star Trek Tachyonic (article)
  • THE Star Trek Convention, N.Y. '75 by G. Savoie (article)
  • Letter from Gene Roddenberry (article)

Issue 13

Star-Wave 13

  • The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 3)

Issue 14

Star-Wave 14 was published in 1976 and is 15 pages long.

cover of "Number 14 Volume 4"
  • The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 4)
  • Science in the News (article)
  • Newspaper articles on UFO (article)
  • Star Trek Tachyonic (article)
  • Star Trekon, Kansas City, Feb '76 by N. Munden (article)
  • Star-Wave Corona Borealis by R. Heim (article)

Issue 15

Star-Wave 15

Issue 16

Star-Wave 16 was published in June 1976. The front cover is by B. Parrish.

  • Science in the News (article)
  • Newspaper articles on UFO (article)
  • Star Trek Tachyonic (article)
  • Logan's Run - a review (article)
  • The Tribble With Troubles (Part 2)

Issue 17

Star-Wave 17

Issue 18

Star-Wave 18

Issue 19

Star-Wave 19

Issue 20

Star-Wave 20

Issue 21

Star-Wave 21 was published in September 1977.