House of Mirrored Faces

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Title: House of Mirrored Faces
Publisher: Challenge Press
Author(s): Lynda Carraher
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1980
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: Some of Lynda Carraher's Star Trek fic is online
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one version of the cover (the edition published by the author?), artist is Christine Myers
another version of the cover, the Saurian Brandy Digest edition, artist is Christine Myers

House of Mirrored Faces is a gen Star Trek: TOS 146-page novel by Lynda Carraher.

Reprints and Various Incarnations

This novel was also published in three parts, and in an expanded version, as Saurian Brandy Digest #27 in 1981. It has a sequel, Reflections of Honor, which was published as Saurian Brandy Digest #36. Both novels were later re-issued privately by the author due to frustrations with the publisher. [1]


Summary: "The arranged marriage between Spock and Lara Merritt, daughter of Earth's ambassador to Vulcan, was strained at best, and it didn't help that Lara was beginning to be irresistibly attracted to James Kirk. But bigger things are brewing in the Federation and Spock discovers the reason behind this strange alliance."

Another summary: "Spock knew, from the moment it was suggested, that his marriage to the daughter of Earth's ambassador to Vulcan would change his life. He accepted the union as a political and personal necessity. But could he accept Lara Merritt as his wife, in human terms as well as Vulcan?"


  • Pon Farr, Time of Mating
  • Tuan Farr, Time of Waiting
  • Kah-If Farr, Time of Combat


See Saurian Brandy Digest #27 for other art in this zine; the versions in those issues differ in that they are mimeo-ed and darker, and in the case of Spock and the large bird, presented as a two-page spread, rather than on one page.

Reactions and Reviews

This version of the novel is much harder to find than the later reprints. It also has more of a nostalgic feel to read it from these old Saurian Brandy Digests on their vintage “manilla” paper… Something about that old paper really brings back memories of earlier times! I highly recommend this version over the later reprints for that reason... [2]


  1. In 1984, the author of this work wrote that she felt that the editor, Sylvia Stanczyk was making little, if any progress, at distributing this zine to people who had pre-paid and was not communicating why it was not forthcoming in a personal statement or private explanations to its purchasers: "At any rate, I feel very uncomfortable, embarrassed, and morally compromised by the associate of my name with a project which is being run with so little disregard for the common decencies of fandom... It is not possible for me to publish Reflections of Honor or its predecessor, 'House of Mirrored Faces' independently. However, I can and will provide xerox copies of either or both novels to anyone who has prepaid for the zines but has not received them. If you have a waited a reasonable amount of time without receiving the product, please contact me. I would appreciate a copy of your cancelled check or money order receipt; however, it is not absolutely necessary that you furnish such proof of purchase. As time and money permit, I will photocopy the publication you paid for and mail it to you." -- from a personal statement by Lynda Carraher in Datazine #37
  2. from a 2012 eBay seller