Reflections of Honor

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Title: Reflections of Honor
Publisher: Challenge Press
Author(s): Lynda Carraher
Cover Artist(s): Christine Myers
Illustrator(s): Christine Myers
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: The story is available at the author's page here
front cover, Christine Myers
title page, note the date of 1984
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Reflections of Honor is a het Star Trek: TOS 55-page novel by Lynda Carraher with art by Christine Myers.

It was also published by Sehlat Press that same year as Saurian Brandy Digest #36, an issue that had 105 pages.

It is a sequel to House of Mirrored Faces.


The civil war rages on and Kirk and Spock find themselves on opposite sides in the fighting. Meanwhile, Lara becomes a prisoner of the Romulan Empire and discovers a horrible truth.
Spock, leaving Starfleet and returning to Vulcan with his Human wife, Lara, discovers that full-scale rebellion has broken out. Vulcan has seceded from the Federation to form a new Republic, but already the new government is rotting with treachery.

Conflict with Original Publisher

The author of this work wrote that she felt that the editor of Saurian Brandy Digest, Sylvia Stanczyk, was making little, if any progress, at distributing this zine to people who had pre-paid and was not communicating why it was not forthcoming in a personal statement or private explanations to its purchasers:

At any rate, I feel very uncomfortable, embarrassed, and morally compromised by the associate of my name with a project which is being run with so little disregard for the common decencies of fandom... It is not possible for me to publish Reflections of Honor or its predecessor, 'House of Mirrored Faces' independently. However, I can and will provide xerox copies of either or both novels to anyone who has prepaid for the zines but has not received them. If you have a waited a reasonable amount of time without receiving the product, please contact me. I would appreciate a copy of your cancelled check or money order receipt; however, it is not absolutely necessary that you furnish such proof of purchase. As time and money permit, I will photocopy the publication you paid for and mail it to you. [1]

Puzzling: this zine was also published separately by the author under the name Challenge Press sometime in 1984.



  1. from a personal statement by Lynda Carraher in Datazine #37 (1985) and Interstat #93 (1985)