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You may be looking for Saurian Brandy Digest.

Title: Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine (on the cover of the first issue: Saurian Brandy/Dandelion Wine)
Publisher: one could order it from Carol Andrus; it was published by the Puget Sound Star Trekkers, Outpost Three
Editor(s): managing editor: Pat Millinson, fiction editor: Margaret McEwen, art editor: Bill Leiren
Date(s): 1976-?
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: "Star Wars, Star Trek: TOS & other media SF"
Language: English
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Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine is a gen Star Wars, Star Trek: TOS & "other media SF" anthology of fiction, humor, science, etc. Each issue is about 20-30 pages. It was published four times a year.

Regarding the Title

From the January 1977 issue: "Saurian Brandy & Dandelion Wine --- a two-part concept fanzine, including: Saurian Brandy An intoxicating mix of Star Trek, past, present and future. Star Trek art, fiction, straight and satirical, and blue food coloring.

Dandelion Wine A mellow blend of Science fact, fiction, and more art, games, jokes, puzzles, and the fruit of the meadow.

So step right up and make it a double."

Issue 1

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 1

Issue 2

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 2

Issue 3

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 3

  • part one of "Devil's Sphere," a Star Trek story by Margaret McEwen
  • other unknown content

Con Special Edition (January 1977)

This issue of Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine was published in January 1977 and contains 40 pages.

front cover of the January 1977 issue

"This special issue is published for the Puget Sound Star Trekkers "CON II" being held in Seattle, Washington on January 29 and 30, 1977. Contents include both new material and the most popular articles from past issues."

From "Trekker" Vs. "Trekkie":
The argument is all about the nicknames for Star Trek fans, besides "Trekfan", "Freak", and "Them Nuts". "Trekkie" and "Trekker". Now in print it is generally "Trekkie". (From Gerrold, no less.) I do not know if this is only in the Northwest, but also used is the term "Trekker". Fine, Nifty. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But, there are those who go into cardiac arrest at being deferred to as "Trekkies", preferring "Trekker" as they feel "Trekkie" is too close to the despised term "Groupie", and they consider themselves seriously. "Trekkie" does sound rather like a little girl clutching a Spock doll, but that's no reason to have a heart attack. Trekker, on the other hand, also sounds a trifle stupid. The 430-odd people of the USS Enterprise are trekkers, they are going somewhere. The rest of us who sit on our bums and watch them are trekkies, recipients of their trekdom.
Another view of "Trekker" Vs. "Trekkie":
Many, many times I have been insulted by being called a "Trekkie". How can that be an insult you inquire? Simple. In implying that I am a "Star Trek" follower they must realize that in being a "Star Trek" follower I have dignity. Therefore, I do not wish to be lowered, nor do I wish the name of "Star Trek" to be disgraced.

Allow me to explain. When you use the word "Trekkie" you make someone sound like a freak-type groupie. On the other hand, when you say "Trekker" you allow the person a little dignity and pride. "Trekkie" sounds childish. "Trekker" is bold and worthy. Like "soldier". "Trekker" is dependable. In using the word "Trekkie" you are degrading the name "Star Trek" itself. It sounds like "Treky". Is that what we want to be called...? A "Treky"?

So please, we have a certain image to uphold; therefore, in the name of Trekkers everywhere, correct friends, relatives, and newspapers when they carry out thoughtless acts.
  • "To Boldly Go" is a Split Infinitive, RPF meta-thing starring Gene Roddenberry by Margaret McEwen (4)
  • I.D.I.C., illo (6)
  • an ad for "Ruth Designs," "available from an experience costume designer. Have your favorite characters come to life" (7)
  • Synopsis of Ever Star Trek Episode, satire (8)
  • Stars, poem by Kaija Berleman (12)
  • Space Station, illo (13)
  • Death of a Series, Trek fic based on The Twilight Zone by Michelle Roberts (14)
  • Earth, poem by Kaija Berleman (14)
  • "Trekker Vs. "Trekkie", two short essays by Maryanne Snyder and S. Ford (16)
  • Trivia Quiz (16)
  • Dreamers, poem by Kaija Berleman (17)
  • To the Captain of My Love, poem by Elizabeth Life (18)
  • Spock, illo (20)
  • King Kirk Vs. Gornzilla, satire by Jim Owen, "adapted from "Arena"" (21)
  • Shore Leave, illo (24)
  • R. Christopher, S.J. Is No Gentleman, original science fiction by Margaret McEwen (25)
  • Servants on the Solar Winds, poem by Maryanne Synder (29)
  • Going Home, original science fiction by Pat Mallinson (3)
  • Moon, poem by Kaija Berleman (32)
  • Werewolf, poem by Kaija Berleman (33)
  • Mystery in Yellow, original science fiction by David Pastro (34)
  • a review of Space:1999 by Pat Mallinson (36)
  • Death, poem by Kaija Berleman(39)

Issue 4

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 4 was published in March/April 1977 and contains 22 pages. The cover is by Bill Warren.

front cover of the March/April 1977 issue, Bill Warren
  • illustration: Captain Kirk by Bill Warren (2)
  • Reflections of a Tic Toc, part I, con report by Margaret McEwen, conducted at PSST Con II, see that page (3)
  • An Incident by PSST Con II by Margaret Andersen, an account of Kitty Canterbury serving David Gerrold a hockey puck to eat (5)
  • Photos from PSST Con II (6)
  • Illustration: Dr. McCoy by Bill Warren (7)
  • Night Watchman, original science fiction by William Leiren (8)
  • Illustration: Spock and King Dong by Kaija Berleman (14)
  • Nonsense, original science fiction by Margaret McEwen (15)
  • untitled poem, author unknown ("Found in a derelict space ship at the edge of the galaxy. Stardate: 5143.7. Computer entry 17904. Memory Alpha Literary Section") (16)
  • Illustration: Shuttlecraft by Bill Warren (17)
  • Devil's Sphere, part 2, Star Trek story by Margaret McEwen (The first part of this story was in the third issue.) (18)
  • Synthesizers, article by Margaret McEwan (21)
  • The End, poem by Kaija Berleman (22)

Issue 5

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 5 was published in May/June 1977 and contains 33 pages. The cover is by Kaija Berleman.

front cover of the May/June 1977 issue, Kaija Berleman

"Saurian Brandy/Dandelion Wine regrets to announce that the third installment of "Devil's Sphere" will not appear in this issue. Look for the exciting third installment of "Devil's Sphere" in the July/August issue of Saurian Brandy/Dandelion Wine."

  • review of "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Eve Wilkerson (2)
  • untitled poem by Kaija Berleman (3)
  • Reflections of a Tic Toc, part II, An Interview with Heinlein and Heinlein by Margaret McEwen (conducted at PSST Con II) (3)
  • puzzle page (8)
  • Christopher Pike, illo by Bill Warren (9)
  • Blood and Needles Give Me the Willies, non-fiction by Margaret McEwen (detailed account of giving blood at a con) (10)
  • Cyrano Jones and Friends, illo by Bill Warren (12)
  • a review of Space: 1999 by Pat Mallison (13)
  • Fashions of the Future, a Design Portfolio by Ruth A. Designs (18)
  • Trek News (24)
  • The Enterprise, illo by Bill Warren (26)
  • Only Scattered Ions, Star Trek fiction by Carol Erhardt (27)

Issue 6

Saurian Brandy Dandelion Wine 6 was published in July/August 1977 and contains 33 pages. The cover is by Bill Leiren.

front cover of the July/August 1977 issue, Bill Leiren
  • Ignorance, original science fiction by Jim Owen (3)
  • The Sphere in the Toy Shop, art by William Leiren (6)
  • Epilog to An Unwritten Story, original science by William Leiren (7)
  • review of the movie Star Wars by Pat Mallison (9)
  • review of the book "The Planets: A Cosmic Pattoral" by Mary Zeitner (14)
  • Puzzle Page (16)
  • A Wedding, "Local Happening" by Margaret McEwen (description of a wedding of two fans) (18)
  • At the Helm, a request for LoCs (19)
  • And His Tailpipe Scra-a-aped All the Way Home, "Local Happenings" by Margaret Anderson (description of a fan social gathering, Outpost Three) (20)
  • Publicity Picture for a Rejected Star Trek Movie, art by Jim Owen (22)
  • Trek News (23)
  • Scotty, art by William Warren (24)
  • No Beach to Walk On, poem by Christine Matson (26)
  • untitled art by Kaija Berleman (27)
  • Devil's Sphere, part three, fiction by Margaret McEwen (28)
  • Star Fleeting Personnel, satire by Chris Matson and Margaret McEwen (25)