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Fan Club
Name: Puget Sound Star Trekkers
Dates: circa 1974-1979
Country based in: USA
Focus: Star Trek
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The Puget Sound Star Trekkers was a Trek fan group active during the late 1970s (circa 1974-1979). The organization was centered in Seattle, Washington, but sponsored a number of groups in the surrounding area. The group sponsored at least two conferences/conventions in Seattle.

In a 2013 email, club member Christopher Garry writes: "I attended these conventions. The founder was Kitty Canterbury, (recently honored at Norwescon) who wore a bell on her shoes to help staff locate her. She is pictured here[1]..... There were modeling contests, costume contests, blooper reel showings and much more. Celebrity guests were numerous and included Harlan Elison, Robby the Robot, Jimmy Doohan and Grace Lee Whitney, who played in at least 8 episodes of the classic series."[2]


  • Seven Con '77 (November 26, 1977)
  • the club provided security and other assistance for the October 2, 1977 Space-Con

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