Kitty Canterbury

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Name: Kitty Canterbury
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Kitty Canterbury

Kitty Canterbury was fan and con organizer.

Kitty founded the Star Trek fan club the Puget Sound Star Trekkers. She served as the Commodore of that group from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s.

Many local fans consider Kitty the mother of organized northwest fandom.

She was honored as Fan Guest of Honor at Norwescon 19.

Kitty passed away in 2012.

See a video: Remembering Kitty ("Remembering Kitty is a presentation that was shown at the memorial gathering for Kitty Canterbury on October 6, 2012. Kitty was the head of the Puget Sound Star Trekkers (PSST) and one on of the founders of Science Fiction fandom in the Pacific Northwest back in the mid 1970’s. Many of the people she brought into fandom are still actively involved in many ways including running Norwescon, an annual Si-Fi, Science, and Fantasy convention held in Seattle, WA. Kitty was a very special lady. This video covers various times in her life including the conventions she created and special times a Starbase and other clubhouses for PSST. This video was a labor of love for her. Enjoy the memories.")