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You may be looking for Echoes of the Past, a Star Trek: TNG novel OR "Echoes from the Past," the novel by Phaedra Morgan that makes up the entirety of Matter/Antimatter #9.

Title: Echoes from the Past
Publisher: Rebecca Ross and M.A. Carson
Author(s): Rebecca Ross
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): see article
Date(s): 1978
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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back cover
front cover by Heather Firth

Echoes from the Past is a gen Star Trek: TOS 58-page (60,000 words) novel by Rebecca Ross. Artwork by Heather Firth, Pat Bradshaw (back cover), and Jude Huntsberger (chapter-end illios). Proofreader: Cindy Simons. The original print run of this zine was 400.

According to an ad in The World of Dark Shadows #27, this novel had "DS references."

The Sequel That Never Happened

1987 flyer
In 1987, the novel, "Echoes of the Mirror" was advertised but it was never published. From a 1987 flyer:
After a hiatus of several years, the Southern Star is back in business... We are now ready to publish Rebecca Ross's sequel to 'Echoes from the Past.' This new novel, entitled 'Echoes from the Mirror,' begins where 'Echoes' left off, and involves the Enterprise crew in a Federation which may be dissolving. The novel is twice the length of 'Echoes of the Past,' and will be extensively illustrated.' We hope to have both these publications available during the first part of 1988 -- certainly by the end of March, when they will be available at Magum Opus Con in Columbus, Ohio.


It is a Southern Star Special Edition and is an action/adventure/romance by the author of the Carmilla and the Mariah stories in "Southern Star."

Summary from an ad in Fanfare #1:
It deals with one Aidan Little Fire McLaren, a half-Scot, half-Navajo and a werewolf named Quentin in McLaren's past. An action/adventure/romance...
Summary from an ad in Scuttlebutt #11:
An old-fashioned romance/action/adventure tale concerning Aidan Little Fire McLaren, a half-Scot, half-Navajo woman who is thrust into the Vulcan society after dragons interfere with her destiny. This books follows her attempts to adapt to a new life-style different from the one she knew previously, including her entablements with certain well-known Vulcans, as well as humans.


Reactions and Reviews

Rebecca Ross says she will be complimented if ECHOES FROM THE PAST is called a "Mary Sue" story. Trekkers have used this term, she says, for stories where the "author injects herself into a self-created character." Well, if this is the definition of "Mary Sue", then I have read some really great stories that fit this description. ECHOES FROM THE PAST is not one of them. The most glaring problem with ECHOES is that the character of Aidan McLaren is not well developed. Instead of seeing a three demensional person evolve, we get a grocery list of of this women's strengths and weaknesses. I have always preferred strong women characters, but Aidan comes across as a spoiled brat. She plays a practical joke on an ambassador's son(; she has to be restrained from killing a Klingon and she swears at Sarek. She is unsympathetic and a bore. It is always very difficult to write an interesting first person narrative. ECHOES suffers from bad dialogue. "If you ask me, Spock," says Aidan, "your captain's getting himself lit. If he doesn't watch out, he's going to outshine that Christmas tree." Or this exerpt, "I have a sixth sense which usually tells me at least two seconds before the shit hits the fan. I rarely ever get hit with any of the fallout. Not so in this case, for my sixth sense was taking a nap." The development of the other characters is almost non-existent. There is no reason I can see for Spock to "love" Aidan, and yet, after two meetings, he wants to marry her. The dialogue between Spock and Aidan is not believable. "I opened my eyes slowly and saw Spock standing there watching me, his features hawkish and cold. 'So,' he remarked, 'now you know Aidan.' For all your observations of us, you never realized exactly what can happen when you draw a Vulcan's deep interest. Perhaps it is best you found out now.'" The illustrations are distracting. In one, Aidan looks a lot like a Halloween witch. In another, Spock is scowling and threatening an alien. Don't spend your money on ECHOES (FROM THE PAST. However, if you want to buy my copy .... [1]


  1. from Universal Translator #8