Light and Shadows

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Title: Light and Shadows
Publisher: Orion Press
Author(s): Susanne L. Bowers
Cover Artist(s): Rick Endres
Date(s): January 2000
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: Orion Press
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cover by Rick Endres

Light and Shadows is a gen or het Star Trek: TOS 192-page novel by Susanne L. Bowers. The cover is by Rick Endres.

Reactions and Reviews

Interesting, well-written Get-‘em. Enterprise is destroyed and the remnants of the crew stranded in small groups on the rather medieval planet 120 IV - protected by Prime Directive, so they cannot lead their own lives or bring any technology, and rescue is improbable. Kirk, Spock and McCoy stay together, homestead near an unfriendly village, and eventually move in with a farmer and her mentally handicapped son. They run into Uhura, but she has settled in happily with a nice camp of hill people and is not interested in leaving. Kirk battles slimy murderers, rogue bandits and his guilt, but finds solace with his new mate and family. McCoy dies painfully of an infected wound - Spock having refused to assist his death - just barely after delivering Kirk's son James. Kirk is killed by an arrow in a raid when his son is a few years old. Spock stays to care for Kirk's family. About when the son comes of age, rescue arrives. James turns to the stars as his father had done, Spock remains until Riva and her elder son Tomar have died, has a last meeting with James, and puts himself into a terminal trance.[1]


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