Terra-Vulcan Yearbook

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Title: Terra-Vulcan Yearbook
Publisher: the fan club "Terra Vulcan" out of San Diego, California
Editor(s): Debra McWilliams & Jeannie Peacock
Date(s): 1972-1975
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Terra-Vulcan Yearbook was the official publication of the Terra Vulcan Star Trek TOS club "for Vulcans living on Earth". The material for these yearbooks was gleaned from the club's newsletter.

cover of 1972 issue, J. Reid
first page of the first newsletter

There were four issues of the yearbook.

It contained little fiction other than a Kraith short story. Its focus was on art, music, poems and articles celebrating both Ancient Vulcan and modern Vulcan culture.


Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1972 contains 19 pages and has a front cover by J. Reid and interior illos by M.E. Rabogliatti.

  • Vulcan by Jeannie C. Peacock
  • Mythology by Mary Ellen Rabogliatti
  • Reaching (music) by Becca Oroukin
  • Vulcan Symbolic Alphabet by Jeannie C. Peacock


cover of 1973 issue, N. Gervais
TOC of issue 1973

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1973 contains 28 pages and has a cover by Nancy Gervais.

  • Letter from Our President
  • Zyeto by J. Lichtenberg
  • Raffle News (8)
  • New Activities (9)
  • Poet Awards (10)
  • Pen Pal Lists (11)
  • Poetry Pages (14)
  • Vulcan Words (19)
  • Symbolic Flags of Vulcan (20)
  • Vial [Vital?] by J. Peacock (21)
  • Ads (28)


cover of 1974 issue

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1974 contains 27 pages.


cover of 1975 issue, M. Decker

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1975 has a front cover by M. Decker and interior illos by Adria, D. McWilliams and M. Peacock.

  • Child of the Stars by D. McWilliams
  • Homecoming by "Adria"
  • Vulcan Thoughts" by J. Wright
  • Untitled by "Alma Linda"