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This is a list of all fanzines that have Starsky and Hutch content.

Gen & Het

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Above and Beyond 1996
The Best of Enigma: Starsky and Hutch Blue Jay Press
Better Together 1997
Between Friends letterzine 1984-1985
Black Bean Soup letterzine 1995-2000
Blond Blintz Bulletin 1979
Bonaventure Esperanza Press 1990
The Bond 1, 2, 3, 4 Cabrillo State Press 2003-
Cabrillo con zine 2005, 2007, 2009
Casa Cabrillo 1980
Celebration 1985
Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul cookbook 2006
Closer Than a Brother 1998
Coda 1985
Conspiracy 1981
Copkiller 1979
Credit List 1, 2 credit zine 1981
Crossfire Polaris Press 1979
Decorated for Death - Beano Smart post-apocalyptic AU Black Metal Press 1982
Dirtball Dispatch Otter Limits Press 1979
Don't Give Up On Us 1, 2 Torino Enterprizes
Double Image - S. Ferriday 1980
Down a Dark Hall- Emmie Busch 1996
Dynamite and a Torch 1986
Eiszeit German 1994
The Fix Collected gen stories reprinted from issues #1-#12 of The Fix In Person Press 1987
Forever Friends 1996
Friends and Partners: Credit Zine 1984
Frienz letterzine 1988-1995
From the Cutting Room Floor Esperanza Press 1997
Gaslight 2002
A Gift from the Past Nuthatch Press 2002
Gift of Life
The Glass Triangle pass-around novel 1976
The Goliath 1986
Graven Images - Jane A. 1981
Growing Pains Requiem Publications 2012
Home for the Holidays 1995
Hopscotch 1979
A Journey for Hanna 1998
Judge and Jury
L.A. Vespers 1, 2 The Parasite Press 1979-1982
Long Road Home - Regina M. 1984
Me and Thee 1, 2 Rafferty Press 1979-1981
Memories con zine 1990
The Mind Enslaver - Nanci F. C. Intertwined Press 1993
Mind If I Join Ya? Vg Publishing 2004
Mini-Zine 1-3 1980-1991
Mixed Doubles UK letterzine 1984-1989
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - Teri White 1980
Off-Duty - Cindy R. 1996
One More Mountain - Terri Beckett and Chris Power 10-13 Enterprises 1981
One Shot 1980
Opened Minds- Mary F. Dominiak Starsky & Hutch Together Again 1995
Partners (Starsky and Hutch zine) Otter Limits Press 1980
The Paul Muni Special Convention zine 1985
The Pits 1, 2 1979-1980
Play by Playbook: Collected ZebraCon Plays 1995
Podnahz Otter Limits Press/The Presses 1978, reprinted in 1996
Postscript Requiem Press 2005
Promises to Keep 1979
The Puzzle Palace A Starsky and Hutch Puzzle Book Intertwined Press 1998
Records and Information A Fanzine Index Striped Tomato Press 1980-1981
Renascence Esperanza Press 1995
Rites of Passage 1996
Scales of Justice 1985
Seasoned Timber 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Agent With Style 2001-
Secrets 1996
Shining Through 2004
Signed With Their Honor Agent With Style 2000
Sins of the Father Polaris Press 1979
Snitch adzine 1988
Some Things Can't Be Fixed In Person Press 2001
Starsky and Hutch Appreciation Society (zine) Starsky and Hutch Appreciation Society (fan club) 1977
Starsky and Hutch Special Gen Collection 1-9 Neon Rainbow Press
Starsky and Hutch Concordance resource zine 1980
Starsky and Hutch, David and Paul Scrapbook articles, interviews, pics, reviews and promotions Intertwined Press
Starsky and Hutch Reunion 1999
S and H (Starsky and Hutch letterzine) letterzine boojums Press & PJ Press 1979-1983
Starsky & Hutch: Together Again 1995
Strange Justice 1982
The Striped Tomato 1980
Sweet Revenge: Missing Scenes (Starsky and Hutch zine) Missing Scenes SH911Press 2010
Ten-Thirteen 1, 2 1980-1981
That's What Friends Are For 1-8 Intertwined Press 1996-1998
The Thousandth Man 1985
Torino Times newsletter
Troubled Water 1996
Vengeance is Mine 1997
Venice Place Times 1, 2, 3, 4 Venice Place Press 2001-2004
Wanna Share?? German letterzine 1995-1998
Der Weiße Ritter German 1995
What's a Zebra Three?
When She Cries Bella Lupo Press 1999
Window of the Endless Night
Zebra Three #1-6 Polaris Press and Pegasus Press 1977-1981
list of all known Starsky and Hutch zines from the August/September 1981 issue of S and H


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
All Our World in Us drawerfic novel
Back to Back Idiot Triplets Press 2005
Barely Legal Light & Shadow Press 2006
Bird of Paradise The Athanor Press & Mahko Root Press
Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 1, 2 Idiot Triplets Press 1995-1996
Code 7 1, 2, 3, 4 PS Press & Bound in Leather Press 1981-1987
Collected Starsky and Hutch Stories of Alexis Rogers 1996
Commitment 1988
Convicted In Person Press 1995
The Cost of Love 1990
Cross the Line Idiot Triplets Press 1997
Crystal Blue Persuasion Asbestos Press 1997
Cucumbers and Crisco pass around anthology
Dance with the Devil 2003
Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 1, 2, 3, 4 2002-
Dark Night of the Soul 2003
Day by Day Amapola Press, later In Person Press 1985
Dia de los Muertos - Morgan Logan Molo Press 2006
Distant Shores - April Valentine Amapola Press & In Person Press 1991
Don't Give Up On Us, Baby 2001
Double or Nothing 1, 2, 3 Nut Hatch Press 1995-2002
Double Play crossover with Harry & Johnny, sequel to A Week in L.A. Ad Nauseum Press 1979
Down to Earth filk zine 1984
Dreamers Idiot Triplets Press 1999
Evolution 1, 2 - Dana Austin Marsh Venice Place Press 2004
A Fairy Tale Life Devious Developments Press 2003
Family Affairs crossover with The Sentinel, sequel to Outside Influences AMC Press 2004
Fireflight crossover with Star Trek: TOS Twin Bear Press and Half-Size Press, then Del Floria's Press & Samizdat Press 1992
Firsts - Jackie Hall 2000
The Fix 1-23 In Person Press 1987-2002
The Flame Trilogy In Person Press 1999
Flashpoint - Jane Nut Hatch Press 1999
Forever Autumn 1980
Four Out of Five - Morgan LeFey Two Vixens Press 2002
A Future Retold - Lutra Cana AngelWings Press 2003
Gunther's Revenge Pacific Fruit Express 1982
Half A Century Requiem Publications 2011
Hanky Panky letterzine 1982-1986
Heart and Soul 1-6 1994-1999
Heatwave – Syn Ferguson 1986
Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts 2004
Homecoming - Susan S. pass-around novel, also known as "Vermont Avenue"
Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot SHarecon con zine 2002
If Love is Real: Addiction - Flamingo In Person Press 1999
In Your Eyes Idiot Triplets Press 2003
The Indigo Stories of Starsky and Hutch Compiled from the multi-fandom zine Indigo Boys In Person Press 1998
Interludes - Evangeline Anderson 2004
It's Love, Cap'n Extortion Press 1991
L.A. Knights 1, 2 crossover with Forever Knight 2002-2003
The Latest Model Requiem Publications 2011
Leave a Light On for Me 2002
A Little Bit of Cyn 2004
A Love Story 1, 2, 3, 4 Angel Wings Press/Requiem Publications 2001
Me and Thee - Cherokee Girl Secret Pleasures Press 2002
Me 'n Thee Times UK letterzine 1999
Moonlight and Mists 1985
Murder on San Carmelitas - L. Bright Amapola Press & In Person Press 1986, 1996
My Lover, My Hero - Alana S. 1981, 2003
Nightlight 1, 2 Amapola Press 1986, 1991
No Easy Answers - Terri Beckett and Chris Power sequel to One More River 10-13 Enterprises & Cat and Dragon Press 1988
No Pants, No Badge, No Gun Amapola Press, then In Person Press 1985
Objects in the Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - Dolly Llama AngelWings Press 2001
One More River - Terri Beckett and Chris Power sequel to One More Mountain 10-13 Enterprises 1983
Outside Influences - Candy Apple crossover with The Sentinel AMC Press 1999
Partners in Crime AMC Press 2001
Penal Code 1, 2 1988, 1990
The Perfect Couple 2010
Phantoms 1997
The Phone Booth pass-around anthology
A Place in the Sun - Lynna Bright In Person Press 1994
A Place Together - Nikki Harrington sequel to A Place in the Sun Devious Developments Press 2004
Primary Subject crossover with The Sentinel, sequel to Family Affairs AMC Press 2000
Private Agendas 1994
Purple Banana Underground Stories RPS 1983
Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be Venice Place Press 2008
Rhapsody BlackJag Publishing 2004
Risk Idiot Triplets Press 1997
Rituals crossover with The Sentinel, sequel to Primary Subject AMC Press 2005
Ruff Cutz 1, 2 pass-around zine?
Seasons pass-around zine
Shining On Venice Place Press 2004
Shadowplay Gunther's Industries Press 1989
Snapshots Devious Developments Press 2005
Some Other Fantasy 2004
Stans Missus Requiem Publications 2009
Starsky and Hutch Special Slash Collection Neon Rainbow Press 2007
Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season (zine)‎ 5, 6, 7 BlackJag Publishing 2001-2004
Still the One Idiot Triplets Press 2001
Strokes Boojums Press 1982
Survival of the Fittest Venice Place Press 2006
Sweeter Than Honey Requiem Publications 1987
Test of Faith 2006
Then We Can Be Heroes Penny Warren & Mahko Root Press
Three Eleven 10-13 Enterprises 1983-1984
Thunder and the Rain
Timeless 1-3 2003-2010
Torn Molo Press 2004, 2016
Total Eclipse of the Heart 2001
Trace Elements Shoestring Press/WHIPS OF HOUSTON 1982
Turned to Fire Idiot Triplets Press 1994
Turned to Fire Letters of Comment 1994
Tying Up Loose Ends crossover with Harry & Johnny, sequel to Double Play Ad Nauseum Press 1979
Unopened Doors Agent With Style 2004
Unseen Boundaries In Person Press 2002
An Untitled Adventure: In One Hundred and Eighteen Pages pass-around novel
Variations Brass Bed Publications 1990
Venice Place Chronicles 1-8 Venice Place Press 2001-
Vermont Avenue see: Homecoming
A Wall I Must Climb slash novel SH911Press 2010
The Water is Wide Pacific Fruit Express 1982
A Week in L.A. crossover with Harry & Johnny Ad Nauseum Press
Whaddya Mean I'm Not a Good Kisser? Gunther Industries 1986
What the Storm Shall Bring AMC Press 2003
When Lightning Strikes Idiot Triplets Press 2002
Who Do We Trust Times letterzine Nanor Prints 1986-1987
Who You Know, What You Know and How You Know It Hedonist Publications 1983
With a Little Help from My Friends 2004

Mixed Gen, Het & Slash

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Blood and Destiny Kassidy Rae 2006
Boys in Blue Sierra Ten Press 2008
Cold Pizza and Butterfly Bones Magic Bag Press 1997
Daily Reports 1, 2 letterzine Mean With a Potential for Ugly Press 1981
Half You, Half Me 1, 2 partly Star Trek: TOS 1982-1987
Here With You tribute zine for Kaye Austen Michaels Over the Rainbow Productions 2010
Just the Two of Us compilation of Mini-Zine with a new story 1982
Lifeline: A Decade of Sweet Revenge Jenny Brown Enterprises 1989
Like Water, Like Fire Kassidy Rae 2005
The Lucky and the Strong Idiot Triplets Press 1992
Olliethology SH911Press 2010
Pushin' the Odds 1983
SHarecon zine con zine 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008
Side by Side 1983
Tagging Along
Tales from the Tomato Heart of the Matter Press 1995
Tell Me Something I Don't Know letterzine/apazine
TLC Amapola Press, In Person Press 1992
VegaSH Convention Fanzine con zine 2009
Wanna Share? 1, 2, 3 con zine 1990-1992
You and I 1983

Multimedia zines with Starsky and Hutch content