A Future Retold

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Title: A Future Retold
Publisher: AngelWings Press, proofread by Sylvie
Author(s): Lutra Cana
Cover Artist(s): Geli
Date(s): February 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Geli
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Holland and Gerard, inside art by Geli

A Future Retold is a slash 90-page Starsky and Hutch novel by Lutra Cana, art by Geli.

From the foreword: "As a person travels through their life, they meet many people -- some good, some not so good, and some wonderful. It's a few of the wonderful ones I'd like to thank. This little novel you hold in your hands found its beginnings in a very scary time in my life. There was one person I turned to with my fears and found comfort, encouraging words, and, when needed, a kick in the pants to keep me going. That person is my best friend and sister-of-the-heart, Leslie. This is ultimately dedicated to you, my friend. There are a few others to thank as as well. Daphne for being there, as a friend and sounding board. The members of my writing group who are all wonderfully talented, supportive, and just plain nice folks. Barbara D for her wonderful editing skills and for believing in this project when it seemed as if no one else ever would. And, last but not least, Bast for taking in this wandering story and giving it a home."

Publisher's summary: "Responding to a mysterious phone call, Starsky is forced to honesly evaluate his feelings for his partner. A dying friend’s secret leads Starsky on a journey of discovery, healing, and the acknowledgment of a love long buried in two hearts."


"My relationship with Troy Holland? That's a hard thing to explain How could he [Starsky] describe to this woman the bond that police officers who had faced death together felt? How could he explain how years of knowing a person and then losing touch with them still did not break that bond? How could he express the sorrow he still felt after almost a year since four people's lives had fallen apart? And how he had watched in something approaching terror how all of it had started his own partner, his best friend, down a long, dark road?"