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Title: Cabrillo Con Zine
Publisher: Cabrillo State Press
Date(s): 2005, 2007, 2009
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Cabrillo Con Zine is a gen Starsky and Hutch con zine for Cabrillo Con.


Cabrillo Con 2005


Cabrillo Con 2007


Cabrillo Con 2009 contains 154 pages.

front cover of 2009 issue
back cover of 2009 issue
from the 2009 issue

The zine contains many color screenshots from the show.

From the zine:

We'd like to thank the convention's contributing writers, K. Hanna Korossy, and Barb D. for their assistance as we celebrate the friendship of Starsky and Hutch and the friendships among us all.

Author's notes from "And Always Shall Be":

Author's Note: Star Trek and Starsky and Hutch have a long history together. Star Trek was the first big media fandom. While there had been fanzines for a long time before this, Trek zines exploded on the scene by the dozens. Many of these zines had high production values and had been carefully vetted and edited. Starsky and Hutch came after Trek, and many of its fans came from a Star Trek background. Most of our early writers and zine producers had learned writing, editing, drawing, and zine production while working on Trek zines. Teri White, the first of the Trek writers to get into Starsky and Hutch, wrote some of the first memorable stories in the fandom, and many of those who knew her from Trek followed her into SH. Connie Faddis, Jan Lindner, and many others brought their talents from Trek when they got into SH. One of the earliest zines by Rayelle Roe was a story called Mixed Media, a Star Trek-Starsky and Hutch crossover story. An especially funny moment in this story occurs when Spock spends the day with Starsky in the Torino as they search for something they need to solve their problem. When Captain Kirk (who has been researching the problem from another angle with Hutch) asks Spock what he did all day, Spock explains that they ran down alleys, rousted a few snitches, dug up a couple of whippos, and finally confesses, "Frankly, Captain, I have no idea what we did..." There are other Star Trek-SH crossovers that were produced in the early years. Knowing this history, I couldn't help taking the opportunity to use the occasion of the new movie to dabble in my own crossover. I knew Starsky would just have to see it....

  • Bernie Hamilton/Captain Dobey Tributes
    • Bernie Hamilton by K. Hanna Korossy (a very personal account of Korossy's friendship with Bernie Hamilton, includes a recent color photograph) (1)
    • Memories of Bernie, Memories of the Captain by Flamingo (a tribute to the character, Captain Dobey)
    • other tributes to the character by Madison
    • by The Blintz
    • by LindaB (includes a then-recent photo of Hamilton in a Torino)
    • Tribute to Bernie Hamilton, poem by Judy Decker
    • My Brother Bernie, An Interview with Chico Hamilton (excerpts from a July 8, 2009 interview by Brit)
    • a color photo collage of Hamilton
  • Christmas in July by Linda B. (12)
  • Thicker Than Blood by Pepper Ckua (21)
  • Captain Dobey's Birthday Lunch by the Quincy Ladies (41)
  • Photographs and Memories by Madison (45)
  • Frozen by Starsky's Strut (The zine includes only the first part of this story with a note that the rest was at (49)
  • And Always Shall Be by Flamingo (Starsky and Hutch see the newest Trek movie.) (63)
  • Anna's Room by Mary Schuttier (77)
  • The Cost of Valor by TibbieB and Brit (97)
  • Cool, Clear Water by Judy Decker (102)
  • Here, There Be Dragons by Elflingskitten (117)
  • Closer Than My Brother, poem by Pam Christy (130)
  • How Do You Say Goodbye? by The Blintz (131)
  • Bernie Hamilton, credits compiled by Madison (139)
  • Antonio Fargas, credits complied by Madison (143)
  • David Soul, credits complied by Madison (147)
  • Paul Michael Glaser, credits complied by Madison (152)

Reactions and Reviews: 2009

[And Shall Always Be]; Flamingo writes gen, who knew? If I'd read this story earlier in the month, it could have been my cross-over rec. Starsky and Hutch go see the reboot Star Trek and compare their lives to Spock and Kirk with both funny and thought provoking parallels. A lovely testament to a long term friendship. [1]

[An] older Starsky and Hutch see a thought-provoking movie. Podfic read by Flamingo also available. This story gave me chills and made me cry. It’s not sad, or dark, or tragic; just really poignant and moving. [2]


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