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Fan Club
Name: Starsky and Hutch Appreciation Society out of Leeds, UK
Dates: 1977
Founder(s): Janet Walker and/or Avril and Nancy Prout
Country based in:
Focus: Starsky and Hutch
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Starsky and Hutch Appreciation Society (S.H.A.S.) was a fan club out of the UK in 1977. It issued a very early fiction zine called Starsky and Hutch Appreciation Society. Despite the membership being "for life," the club lasted only long enough to put out five issues of a newsletter. There was a serialized "Sweet Revenge" story in this newsletter, one that was, of course, never finished.

From the letterzine S and H, "The membership price is 1.25 for life. This entitles you to the following: a folder with the S.H.A.S. logo on it, a small brown and white poster of the boys, three 8X10 photos, two fact sheets on both, a card stating you are a member... There are four letters that go out to members, one for each season."