Mind If I Join Ya?

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Title: Mind If I Join Ya?
Publisher: Vg Publishing
Editor(s): Vg and Tabby Davis
Date(s): October 2004
Medium: print
Size: 117 pages
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Evelyn

Mind If I Join Ya? is a gen (with one slash story) Starsky and Hutch fanzine containing 117 pages; it was published in 2004. Cover art is by Evelyn; interior art is by Evelyn, LAP, Annette Lynn, Jean C., Tabby Davis, and Vg.

It is a charity zine; all profits went to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

  • Enchanted Evening—The Morning After by Tabby Davis—Alternate take on the opening of "Captain Dobey, You're Dead". (4)
  • The Tale of the Rampant Rodent by Tabby Davis—Tag for "Hutchinson for Murder One"; Louise spends the night at Hutch's place. (7)
  • Home Comforts by Tabby Davis—Tag for "Lady Blue"; Hutch makes dinner. (11)
  • Future Tense by D & K Ny—A fortune teller catches a glimpse of Starsky's fate in "Sweet Revenge". (16)
  • Declaration of Independence by Tabby Davis—Tag for "Terror on the Docks"; the guys discuss Starsky's investigation of Nancy. (22)
  • This Kind of Life by Vg—With Hutch laid up Starsky investigates the death of a teenage girl alone. (29)
  • Mister Fixit by Tabby Davis—Tag for "The Heroes"; the guys take another look at their house. (51)
  • Point of View by Shelmfair—Tag for "The Psychic"; Starsky is disturbed by his actions. Implied slash. (58)
  • The Confidant by Tabby Davis—Tag for "Vendetta"; Hutch wants to know why Starsky didn't tell him about Abby. (73)
  • Lucky Break by Tabby Davis—Tag for "Blindfold". (82)
  • Time to Remember by Chameleon—During "Partners", Starsky remembers the days after Terry's death. (85)
  • Shield Series by Tabby Davis. A sequence of missing scenes from "Targets Without A Badge". (92)
    • Soliloquy: Prelude to an Oceanside Rendezvous (93)
    • Date With a Monopoly Board (98)
    • You Want This? (i) (101)
    • You Want This? (ii) (105)
  • Mind if I Join Ya?, poem by Vg (113)
  • Resolution, poem by Vg (115)