Credit List (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Credit List
Editor(s): Kendra Hunter
Type: resource
Date(s): October 1981
Medium: print
Size: 20 pages
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Credit List is a 20-page Starsky and Hutch resource regarding the actors and the show. It was a professional credit list for Soul and Glaser that included interviews, special appearances, commercials, episode descriptions with a "special pull-out section" as well as credits. It was illustrated by Jean C..

150 copies were printed.

Some of these pages were printed in the April 1991 SHareCon program book.

A similar Starsky & Hutch zine is Friends and Partners: Credit Zine.

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From the Zine

For sometime we, the fans, have needed a guide of the professional careers of David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. A number of people had a number of items semi-organized. We have tried to put this information into a useable form. The list is incomplete. If any of you have additional information, especially early shows and interviews, please let us know. If we receive enough information, we'll revise, or at least run an update sheet. We have a list of David Soul's British concert tours but did not have room in this issue.

We hope you find the TV Guide descriptions useful in finding shows which feature David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. We have included titles where we could. Our main source of information for this list was TV Guide. Other sources are listed where applicable. Personal video tapes were also used.

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