Starsky & Hutch Basics

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Name: Starsky & Hutch Basics
Owner/Maintainer: K. Hanna Korossy
Dates: 1996
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
URL: re-posted on ao3
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Starsky & Hutch Basics (subtitle: A Starsky & Hutch Compendium) was compiled by K. Hanna Korossy.

It is a guide to the show itself, the canon and the actors.

Creation and Publication

According to the writer, it was written in the winter of 1996.

It was first published in the print zine Above and Beyond, later posted to a Geocities website (early 2000s?), and reposted to Archive of Our Own (2017).

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Creator's Introduction

Welcome to two months of my life. Actually, what you see here is the culmination of a year's worth of watching and reading and picking up information, but it completely dominated the last two months. Why write another guide, you may ask? Isn't that like reinventing the wheel? And indeed, I have been fortunate to find many other such works, informal guides and trivia collections and the like, to help me. But there are a couple of differences between those and this collection. One deficit I immediately discovered in everything I came across, was a decided lack of accuracy, particularly in spelling. Some names I actually found spelled four different ways in four different listings! So in doing mine, I went back to the source - the episodes themselves. Then I checked my notes to the other listings I had. Then I went back to the episodes... Well, you get the picture. Yes, occasionally the episodes were wrong, but I think I caught most of those, too. And the episodes were, of course, the final word on character names. As a result, every single item in these pages has been at least triple-checked, if not more.

I also went through every article and magazine and book and scrap of information I could beg, borrow, or buy, in order to compile what I believe to be the most complete collection of anecdotes, trivia, and information around. Almost a notebookful's worth, condensed and sorted into these 60 pages. Which means that everyone, whether a brand new fan or someone who's been with it since April 30, 1975, should be able to find something of interest here. This is not meant to be an episode synopsis guide - I figure if you haven't actually seen the shows, there's nothing I can tell you to take its place. Rather, consider it a companion to the series, a place to pick up an interesting fact or two about an episode, jog your memory, check on that familiar face, or just browse through.

A few notes about format. The dates are all US first-aired dates, completely different from British or any other foreign airdates. The numbering system is based on how the episodes originally aired; two-hour episodes originally shown together as two-hour specials share one number, two-parters that were split up as 'to be continued' have two numbers. Therefore, the total number comes to 88 even though 92 hours of film exist (plus the pilot). If this confuses, I apologize - everyone has a different numbering system and this one made the most sense to me. After the cast lists, WB (Written By) and DB (Directed By) are also listed, as well as music or choreography credit where applicable. And the criticism and favorite lines and scenes are my own, combined with responses culled from a year with the fandom. All blame for any errors or interpretations lies solely with me.

One last word, and that's a word of appreciation for all those who have helped me make this compendium as complete and accurate as possible. My deepest gratitude and love to Cathee and Maria in particular, without whom I don't think I'd even have started this, and also many thanks to Nanci Casad, Caroline Craig, Barbara Franjevic, Joan Hoyland, and Alison Wilson, and indirectly to [Elizabeth Lowry], [MRK], Jeanne Sullivan, and Dean Treadway. But most of all, to my family for letting me spend the Blizzard(s) of '96 in my room, buried in paper.