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For other zines with a similar title, see Variations on a Theme.

Title: Variations
Publisher: Brass Bed Publications
Editor(s): Pat Massie and MRK
Date(s): Fall 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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front cover and inside back cover
back covers, unclear how these fit with the front covers

Variations is a slash Starsky and Hutch anthology. It is digest-sized and 18 pages long. While it is labeled #1 on the cover, it was the only issue.

The name of the publisher is a reference to Hutch's bed in canon.

It premiered at Autumn 1990: SH: 101/SHareCon.

Editors' Comments

From the editorial by Pat Massie:

The title of this thing is Variations. We're putting it out every so often, (Deadlines? We don't need no stinking deadlines) seasonally, or so. The idea came when Pat told me a story idea she had. Well, 1 11ked it alot, so I stole it from her. Fortunately, she liked the story, but she still liked the idea, so she wrote her own story (same plot) We thought it might be fun to put out our own zine (letterzine-sized. as you can see) a invite everyone to contribute not only their own original stories, but to write variations on the stories we publish (hence the title).

If you like the idea, you're encouraged to participate. But be advised: if you do submit an original story, you're likely to see a variation on your plot in a forthcoming issue. If that's a problem, we understand (no, we don't, we're just being polite) But if, besides writing your own story, you'd be interested to see what someone else might do with the same basic idea, please, send us your stories.

I don't know the first thing about editing, except possibly for grammar and punctuation (though I punctuate by ear, myself. Also write by ear) I don't know what Pat's planning on doing about editing. I have no problem with any basic premise—slash, straight, death stories, whatever. Don't feel inhibited.

Well, that's about it. I've learned my lesson — never play Brac with a dark haired woman from Cincinnati.
From "End Bit" by MRK:

Well, there It is. I hope you enjoyed reading Variations as much as I did. I mean it! I like this zine. My favorite story was "Mating Ritual". I liked the intensity of the two "adolescent billygoats" sex life, didn't you?

I thought that it was a very male approach to intimacy. I also was very pleased with my poem, "Mooring Lines". I enjoy writing phuck-poems. And, besides that, I thought the poetic imagery was good. For my next poem variation, I want to Incorporate the two billygoats and a head-on col1ison of two freight trains In volatile imagery that...

[MRK] is shaking her head no. She seems to think that my variation idea is a bit extreme. Well, what do you expect from someone who not only can't play brac, but who also enters your latest poem into her WP as "Mating Boats" I ask YOU?

As a matter of fact, I am asking YOU to get back to us. LoC! Send an original short story. Submit a variation. Send a phuck-poem, I love those! Send money! Send Starsky! (I'd prefer Hutch, but if you send Starsky, the neurotic Nord will follow.)

Below is all that pertinent junk you'll need. Looking forward to seeing your own variation. (And, as an aside, you'll notice that two of my poems are copyrighted. This is not to keep you from writing poker game poems or sinking ship verses. I submit certain generic work in other markets and this protects my stuff in those more competitive places. I felt I ought to explain.)


  • Editorial by MRK (4)
  • Soul Disclosure by Lianne Harris (poem) (5)
  • Moment by Lianne Harris (6)
  • Hurt/Comfort by Shere Con Carne (8)
  • The Tale of the Rampant Rodent by Tabby Davis (reprinted in Mind If I Join Ya?) (10)
  • Surely Not For Memory by Pat Massie (12)
  • Private Party by MRK (13)
  • Mating Rituals by R. Christie (14)
  • Like Mooring Lines Cast Upon Rocking Waters by Pat Massie (poem) (16)
  • Deuces by Pat Massie (poem) (17)
  • End Bit by Pat Massie (18)

Sample Interior