Half A Century

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Title: Half A Century
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Wightfaerie
Cover Artist(s): Moni K.
Illustrator(s): Wightfaerie
Date(s): 2011
Medium: print, download, CD
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Moni K.

Half A Century is a slash 142-page, digest-sized Starsky/Hutch novella by Wightfaerie. The color cover by is by Moni K. and the interior art is by the author.

Summary from the publisher: "When Starsky and Hutch's career paths start to take different directions, Hutch finds himself home alone and missing his lover, who is attending a seminar for his new career. Hutch's fiftieth birthday is fast approaching and he is faced with the fact that Starsky might not make it home. The pressure of his imminent half a century, his absent partner, family issues and looming lieutenant's exam hang heavy on Hutch's psyche. Starsky has plenty of surprises up his sleeve for Hutch's birthday. Will he make it back in time? Established relationship between Starsky and Hutch which includes BDSM."