Me and Thee (Starsky and Hutch anthology by Cherokee Girl)

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Title: Me and Thee
Publisher: Secret Pleasures Press
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Shar

Me and Thee is a slash 277-page anthology by Cherokee Girl/Marie Waters. The art is by Shar and Patt. The zine was a memorial zine for Cherokee Girl to help raise funds for the family.

From the zine flyer: "This SLASH collection has a beautiful color cover by Shar, with b&w and color photomanip interiors by Cherokee Girl, Shar, Patt. All stories by Cherokee Girl. A memorial zine collection. All happy endings, romantic, some hurt/comfort, some rape (not partner rape). Some may be archived elsewhere; this is Cherokee Girl's private collection of her S&H stories. A portion of sales goes to the family for last expenses."

  • Assault 1
  • Dear Abby 30
  • Betrayed: The Kira Aftermath 37
  • Doubts 41
  • Gone 57
  • Haunting, The 71
  • Hello Again, My Friend 85
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is 92
  • Love of Me and Thee: Hutch, poem 106
  • Love of Me and Thee: Starsky, The 107
  • First Kiss, The 108
  • Together by Last 113
  • Partners 115
  • Season of Miracles 152
  • Love The World Away 161
  • Love of a Lifetime 165
  • One Love168
  • To Protect and To Serve 176
  • Satin Sheets 181
  • Targets 190
  • Stranger, The 227
  • Together 248
  • Words of Love 249
  • Words Left Unspoken 256
  • Words Finally Spoken and a Love Finally Shared 262
  • Watching You 268
  • With This Ring 272