The Phone Booth

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Title: The Phone Booth
Publisher: Pacific Fruit Express
Editor(s): Ruth Kurz
Date(s): undated, the front cover art is dated 1982, one piece of inside art is dated 1981
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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front cover, the artist is Jean
interior page
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The Phone Booth is a 56-page slash Starsky and Hutch anthology pass-around theme zine. While not dated, it was most likely issued in the early 1980s. All the fiction, poems and cartoons relate to the theme, "phone booth."

One issue suggests the number of originals that were printed; someone handwrote "#9 ... 11 of 15" on one page.

From the Editors

Word Limit: None. Our typist will type as much as you write, provided it's S/H. Location: a public phone booth. Participants: Starsky and/or Hutch. At least the one who gets off must be in the phone booth. Time Limit: 'Your three minutes are up, sir(s)' But you have to do more than just get 'em up in your three minutes. Plot: Only if you insist. Challenge: For the experts among you, make it their first time. Objective: To get 'em off, of course. Plagiarism: Will not be allowed, but for references, see 'Blow Out' with John Travolta.

Sister Zines

Table of Contents

  • Groundhog Day by Anonymous/Alexis, part of The Groundhog Day Series
  • Incorruptibles by Anonymous (related to In the Gym, later, became a part of My Lover, My Hero) (13 pages, by far the longest story in the zine)
  • 555 by Anonymous/Alexis Rogers (online title is "Fifty Five Cents")
  • The Starsky Connection by Anonymous
  • Superman by Anonymous
  • Disconnect by Anonymous
  • Home by Anonymous/Ruth Kurz (a sequel to "One Man's Dream" in One Shot)
  • Reach Out and Touch Someone by Anonymous
  • Ka-Ching! by Anonymous
  • Top Secret by Anonymous, poem
  • Phony Tip by Anonymous
  • Ten, Twenty Times by Anonymous
  • Emergency Call by Anonymous
  • Public Utility by Anonymous
  • World Series by Anonymous
  • Alternate by Anonymous/Pam Rose (reprinted in Trace Elements)
  • Drop Seat by Anonymous


A Second Challenge Issued

the submission request for "Fly United" from Hanky Panky #1, which appears to be this challenge
A submission request for a second issue was printed on one page of The Phone Booth:
Assignment: Two/Three: '...but Hutch, it's like parting with a member of my family.' 'Love of my life, that rotten tomatoe (sic) gets three gallons to the mile. It's gotta go.' 'I know... but remember the good times? That back seat's seen a lot of action...' 'Yeah, I remember.'" and 'Starsky, we didn't hafta fly all the way to see your mother to join the Mile High Club. We coulda cruised L.A. in a CHP helicopter.' 'Yeah, but Ma always insisted that I do the thing right.' 'In that case, scratch Denver. Getting off on taking off doesn't count.' 'But Hutch...' Your only limitation is your imagination.

Reactions and Reviews

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