Fifty-Five Cents

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Title: Fifty-Five Cents
Author(s): Alexis Rogers
Date(s): 1982
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Fifty-Five Cents is a Starsky/Hutch story by Alexis Rogers.

It was originally published in the zine The Phone Booth, The Collected Starsky and Hutch Stories of Alexis Rogers, and is one of the first fics in this fandom to be published online.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Here's another Alexis Rogers story I just got a ... a yen to reread, one day, and I can't even remember exactly what set me off. A pay phone? One of those dumb phone-sex ads? A glimpse of the Greyhound station sign? Never mind. Fifty Five Cents is the kind of story that really deserves the label "erotic character study" --with emphasis on "erotic."[1]


Why this must be read: Uhh, sex games;) Starsky and Hutch are on stakeout in a bus station and they have to pass the time, so they start a round of phone-sex. Except, Starsky keeps running out of dimes, so it's a stop and start procedure. And it only takes 55 cents for the world to be right. [2]


First S&H I ever read was Fifty-Five Cents by Alexis Rogers. Yeah, my eyes pretty much popped out. [3]
Not my first, but I remember reading Fifty-five Cents and thinking "Wow! That went from zero to sexy in no time!". [4]


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