Ruff Cutz

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Title: Ruff Cutz
Editor(s): Ann Leonhart
Date(s): around 1983
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Ruff Cutz is a gen Starsky and Hutch anthology. It is subtitled: "A Starsky and Hutch Loaner Zine," which was a term for pass around that was very, very loosely edited or not at all.

From a submission request for a third issue (never published) in Universal Translator #24: "Ruff Cutz III will be a loaner zine for writers who want to see their work in print but do not want to submit to a 'pro-zine.' Zine will consist of rough draft copies of stories, with only grammatical changes. Open to all fandoms, but no same sex."

Issue 1

Ruff Cutz 1 was published around 1983.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Ruff Cutz 2 was published around 1983 (one story is dated 1981, two stories are dated 1983) and contains 133 pages. Most of it is Starsky & Hutch, but this issue has some other fandoms as well.

From the editor:

Here it is finally, in your hot little hands. Bet you thought you would never see it, right? Well, at times so did I. In fact, I wanted to retype every story and make it neat and pretty. but as you all know, old man time has other ideas. So what you see is what you get. The stories are just as they came to me, some in rough form, but that was what this zine started out to be, ruff cutz. Hope you all enjoy the stories as much as I have, wish we could have gone on and on with this, who knows, if I get some more stories we may just do that, (hint hint)

If you have any comments, please feel free to let me know.

Until next time (maybe) May the Force Be With You, and May you Live Long and Prosper.

P.S. Some extra little bits thrown in for good measure, non S & H
  • The Watson Caper by Libby Jones (1)
  • Illusions by Deb (11)
  • A Whole Lotta Love by Sandy Barrett (This is a "Sunny" story and incorporates an original female character, a "mystical" young and beautiful Native American woman. A sequel to this story appears in Don't Give Up On Us #2 in 1986.) (48)
  • The White Knight, not credited (95)
  • Happy New Year, Hutch! by Mary Kay Willey (specifically portrays and discusses a f/f relationship) (98)
  • A Matter of Promises, A Matter of Pride by Mary Kay Willey (chapter two of the previous story, Hutch is married married to Chico (who has had female lovers in the past, and can also "can rejuvenate [her] own body cells, ease pain with humans through mental contact"). Along with Chico, Hutch is now the parent of a little daughter named Rebie, and Chico is expecting another child. Hutch becomes an aggressive domestic abuser, but fortunately, this is due to an aneurysm. Despite an operation, Hutch becomes blind. He decides to divorce his wife. In the end, Hutch's eyesight returns, his wife leaves him to go to San Francisco with another female lover (not the first one), but instead the woman next door. Hutch doesn't feel that bad, and he and Starsky get into the Torino to find some more bad guys. Note: Hutch's two children are hardly mentioned.) (102)
  • The Satisfaction of Revenge by unknown author (Hutch/original female character, rated R) (114)
  • Season by JL (dated August 1981) (Long wallow. Hutch is permanently blind. He's a psychological mess. There's a lot of crying by both Hutch and Starsky. Appears to be slash in all aspects except penetrative sex.) (151)
  • If I Ever Doubted, poem by Pat Massie (172)
  • What Can I Say?, poem by Pat Massie (173)
  • eight full page illos by Ruth Kurz (174)
  • The Encounter by Ann Leonhart (Star Trek: TOS) (81)
  • The Surprise by Ann Leonhart (Greatest American Hero) (92)
  • The Last Goodbye by Ann Leonhart (Star Wars) (95)
  • The Decision by Ann Leonhart (Star Wars) (98)
  • My Brother's Keeper by Ann Leonhart (Simon and Simon, major h/c) (100)