Risk (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Risk
Publisher: Idiot Triplets Press
Author(s): Linda McGee
Cover Artist(s): Linda Cody
Illustrator(s): Merle Decker
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's Website: 2008 -- S/H Zines from Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
SHareCon 2010: Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
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Linda Cody, nominated for a STIFfie

Risk is a slash 108-page (58,634 word) Starsky and Hutch novel written by Linda McGee and edited by April Valentine. The first draft of this story appeared in Nightlight #1. This slightly expanded version is a few pages longer.

The art by Merle Decker that appeared in Nightlight #1 is reprinted in "Risk."

The novel won a Huggy Award at ZebraCon in 1997 and a Slash Talent in Fandom Award at Media West in 1998, both in the category "Best SH novel". This story was nominated for a STIFfie in 1997.

Author's Foreword

To revisit an old creation, with the chance to smooth out some rough spots and enrich the text, is a rare and rewarding experience. I've very much enjoyed the opportunity to go over RISK with the benefit of eleven more years of writing experience -- polishing, refining, and adding to the story. In length, it's three pages longer than the original draft, but the additions have been made a sentence or two (or, occasionally, three or four) at a time throughout the text, rather than in complete new scenes. When one has written a basically "A-B-C" story, with few time periods skipped, it's rather difficult to think of "missing scenes" to add!....In The Beginning, Trish planted the seed. "Why don't you publish RISK as a novella? I really loved it and I'd like to have a copy!" My response to this suggestion began as, "Why? You already have it, in a zine!" before going to "Thanks, that's very flattering. But I don't have the story on disk and I'm not going to re-type it!" After a few other people agreed with Trish, I began to think, "You know, it would be nice to have a second chance at that story." After Brigitte, Kirsten, and Anne entered the picture, it just seemed that things were falling into place so well that it must be "meant to be." "Meant to be" it was, and now it is. I hope that you enjoy this story.

Sample Art

Reactions and Reviews

Risk is one of the very best SH stories ever. I loved the character insights and development, and the loving was beautiful, and the loving was beautiful, and so was the fact that it was extended over a few days, to show us some of their potential problems with such an intimate sexual and emotional relationship. It also showed some logical solutions and adaptations to those problems. Overall it was an upbeat, very loving story, and that's the kind I love, and want more of! [1]

Since I'm the one who was complaining in the last Times about wanting to see "/" stories "... with an honest-to-gosh plot...", I feel constrained to comment on the story "Risk" in Nightlight. To Linda McGee for writing it and to [April Valentine] for publishing it. [2]

A long, satisfying, exhausting hurt/comfort. Proof that straight boy slash doesn't have to be gentle at all. Plotty. [3]


  1. ^ from The Who Do We Trust Times #8, she is referring to the original short story, rather than the zine
  2. ^ from The Who Do We Trust Times #4
  3. ^ 2006 comment, from a mailing list, quoted on Fanlore anonymously