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NOTE: This list is out-of-date and no longer being very actively maintained.

See Category:Beauty and the Beast Zines for a more complete listing.

This is a list of fanzines that have Beauty and the Beast content. Fans have set up the Crystal Rose Lending Library, where out of print fanzines could be borrowed. And finally, there is a comprehensive fanzine listing of all Beauty & Beast fanzines in print at the "Helpers' Network Quality Fanzine Review Online" a.k.a. "The Qfer" which has provided a rich source of fanzine details and covers. Thanks also to the many other fanzine publishers and zine collectors for their data.

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Abiding Love 1992
Abode of the Beast 1989-1991
Above and Below 1988-
Above and Below's Dreamscapes reprints from Rerun 1988-1990
Acquainted with the Night het 1991
Act of Mercy het novel Starwise Publications 1990
Ad Astra 1991
Adjustments for a New Year 1989
Against All Odds 1994
Airwaves Multi-Media Special
All My Dreams Fulfilled het novel
All's Wells 2002
All's Wells Again 2003
All's Wells Once More 2004
All That Lights Upon Us #1-2 1990-1992
All That Matters: A Story of Catherine's Return 1991
All That Matters: Tales of Beauty and the Beast 1999
All Things Are Possible novel 1991
All Things Are Possible #1-7 anthology Sandy Chandler Shelton 1990-1996
All Things Are Possible... With Love 1990
All Winters End 2001
Alternate Fantasies #1-3 1991-1992
Always #1-2 1991-1992
Amber Eyes 1991
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them 1995
And All That He Is
And Death Will Have No Dominion - by Gerda E. 1991
And Death Shall Have No Dominion - by anonymous Stephanie Wiltse
And Death Shall Have No Dominion - by Jackie M.
APA-B&B APAzine 1990
Arthur's Quest 1994
As Soft Wings Unfold 1999
Ashes Under Uricon 1991
At the Mirk and Midnight Hour 1991
Atanzi 1992
Awaken to the Dream 1990
The Awakening
Beast Beloved Tales 1990
The Beastman Cometh - Simon Logan 1996
The Beast of Times
Beasty and the Beaut gen and het humour anthology Helper's Network 1990
Beauty and the Beast 1989
Beauty and the Beast: A Coloring Book 1991
Beauty and the Beast: A Joy Forever - Lynn F.
Beauty & the Beast Checklist print Betsy Jacobs 1990-ish
The Beauty and the Beast Companion show resource
Beauty and the Beast Concordance
Beauty and the Beast Lite
Beauty and the Beast Literary Compendium
Beauty and the Beast: Love Unbound - Brenda S.
Beauty and the Beast: The Puzzle Book - Ben B.
Beauty and the Beast Revisited - Sharon R.
The Beauty and the Beast Special Gen Collection gen anthology Neon Rainbow Press 2005
Beauty and the Beast: The Newsletter newsletter
Beauty and the Beast: The Silent Self - R. Collins
Beauty and the Beast International Fan Club Newsletter newsletter, Beauty and the Beast International Fan Club 1990s
The Beauty and the Beast Trilogy - R. Collins
Beauty & the Yeast
Beauty at the Beach: To See The World in a Grain of Sand
The Beauty and the Beast Directory
The Beauty & the Beast Fictionzine Database resource zine, published by Dragonback Publications 1992
The Beauty and the Beast Puzzle Book puzzles, trivia
Bedtime Stories
Beggar's Return
Beginnings gen alternative season by Pauline M. 1991
Beginnings (Star Trek: TOS/Beauty and the Beast zine) ST:TOS xover novel by Diane M. 1989
Behind Cathy's Smile - Edna Grice
Below the Belt
Beneath the Moonlight's Star het novel by Wendy De-Veryard
Beneath the Serpentine
Best Mirrors
Between Two Worlds
Bewitched gen novel by Wendy De-Veryard
Beyond Beginnings 1993
Beyond Dreams 1991
Beyond the Threshold - Sheila Waters 1991
Beyond the Threshold - Shenandoah West 1989-1991
Beyond Words, Beyond Silence het novel
Black Cover - M. Louis 1990
Bless the Beast and the Children - Kim Prosser and Lisa Swope 1995
Blind Justice - Peter J. F. sequel to Fortress on a Tranquil Beach 1991
Blood Bond - Rhonda Collins 1997
Blow the Wind Southerly - Sarah H.
Blue Topaz het novel by Wendy De-Veryard
Bondstories #1-8 1990-1994
The Book of Secrets 1988-1992
Braided Roses gen
A Bridge Between Two Worlds - A.V. Wilde 1991
Bridge of Dreams - Maxine M. 1993
Bright Spirit Descending - Nan Dibble novelization of two episodes, ""The Alchemist" and "To Reign in Hell" 1995
Buns 'n Roses Barbara H. 1992
The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines resource zine, edited by Elizabeth Helm 1992
The Candlelight Collection 1991-1992
Candles and Roses het novel
Captured in the Tunnels - D. Yates het 1991
Captured Moments gen 1990
Carolina Moon 2001
Carousel of Dreams gen anthology 1990-1992
Carousel Tales #1-6 gen anthology, edited by Gwen Lord 1994-2001
Cascade of Dreams #1-3 gen D2 Enterprises 1988-1990
Castle of the Beast - Ann R. B. 1994
Castles in the Air het anthology 1989-1991
Castle of Sand - Wendy De-Veryard het 1999
Catch the Wild Wind - Janet K. gen novel 1993
Catherine and Vincent's Excellent Adventure conzine 2005
Catherine's Secrets het anthology
Cat Tales gen 1990-1991
Caverns of the Darkest Night graphic novel
Candle and Caves newsletter
Celebration of Love het anthology 1993
Chamber Cameos Vol.1 #1-12, Vol.2 #1-6 monthly in Vol.1, then bi-monthly in Vol.2 1990-
Chamber Tales fiction, letters, news pre-1992
Chamber of the Winds het anthology Sapphire Publications 1990
Chatterbox letterzine
Childhood Stories 1990
The Child is the Father of the Man 1993
Children of the Darkness gen novel UK Chambers pre-1993
A Child Was Born - Lisa S. 1988
The Choice - Sally W. het 1993
Choices - Debbie R. 1991
The Chronicler's Tales 1991
Circle of Light Linda M. & Lucy G. 1992
Circles - Adele T. 1994
Classic Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast zine) gen anthology 1990-1991
Climbing on Rainbows het novel by Wendy De-Veryard
Closer Than a Brother 1991
The Closet Beast and Beyond - Lorraine P. 1990
Coda 1993
A Collection of Memories non-fiction 1990
Coming Out of the Dark - Patricia Anne K. het, second in Vincent's World series 1991
Condos and Caverns
Continuum het, sequel to The Restoration Trilogy - Molly G. 1992
Count the Ways - Pat Jackson gen 1995
Counterparts - Karen Mason-Richardson het 1999
Cross-Currents 1992
Crossroads novel by Helen C.
Crossroads Terminator xover 1993
CrosSignals #1-6 1989-1991
Crossworlds poetry and art zine
Crystal Cavern UK anthology zine New Enterprise Publication 1990 - 2000
The Crystal Cavern - Patricia L. Ryan 1990
Crystal Fire Debbie N. 1991-1993
Crystal Reflections Carol K. & Betty N. 1990
The Crystal Tear - Patricia W. het novel 1990
The Crystal Underground
Crystals, Roses and Candlewax newsletter Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis 1990
Cup of Stars Ann R. B. 1993
Curiosity Killed the Cat het novel by Wendy De-Veryard
The Curse of the Black Opal het and slash, crossover with Miami Vice [[Mkashef Enterprises] 1996
CyberDreams: Tappings from the BBTV Pipes #1-2 het Cathy Moran 1998-1999
Dancing Waters het 2001
Darkness at Dawn het 1992
Dark and Bright: The Theme of Honor's Tongue het novel 1994
Dark Thresholds het 1995
Das erste Mal... Vincent & Catherine het anthology
Daybreak: From Shadows into Light het 1991
Daydreams and Fantasies #1-3 het Jackie S. & Susie G. 1990-1991
The Dawn Child het MacWombat Press 1992
Definitions of Love
Deluxe Tour 1996
Demons gen novel 1991
Demons at the Gate het 1994
Denying the Dark het Debbie Ristick 1995
Destiny #1-3 het 1988-1990
Detours het novel 1993
A Different Dream #1-2 het 1990-1991
Different Seasons #1-2 het Goldie Jones 2000-2001
Distant Shore #1-2 het 1995, 2000
Dominion Jacob-centric gen 1991-
The Dreamer Returns
Dreams and Echoes art and poetry by Lynette C.
Dreams, Genes and Memory Loss by Michelle H. het 1990
Dreams in Amethyst Jacqui C. & Gwen L. 1994
Dreams in the Mist het, fusion AU
Dreams of Long Ago gen fancomic 1993
Dreams of Thee het 1991
Earth, Wind and Fire het anthology 2001
Echoes of the Heart 1994
The Edge of the Abyss 1990
Embrace the Night het anthology 1991
Emotional Fires #1-2 het novel and sequel 1992
Eternity #1-3 het 1993-1997
Eternity in an Hour MacWombat Press
An Ever Fixed Mark 1991
The Faces of Darkness het novel 1991
The Faces of Perlman newsletter around 1990
Facing Demons het 2005
Faery Tale
Family Matters novel
Fantasies Domain het anthology Scarlet Press 1990-1991
Faraway Land art and poetry
Father's Stories 1991
Favorite Poetry from Beauty and the Beast poetry zine
Final Drive: Transmissions in Time and Space het novel 1991
The First Time I Loved Forever het charity zine 2000
Flame and Shadow #1-11 het anthology 1991-1996
Flames of Hell het novel
Follow Your Heart het anthology Red Heart Press 1991-1993
Follow Your Heart - con zine 2003
For a Breath of Ecstasy het novel
For All My Life and Forever het novel 1992
Forever and Always #1-4 het anthology 1990-1991
Forever... Always het anthology Catnapped Press 1990
The Forever Night - Linda Mooney het novel MacWombat Press 1991
For Thy Sweet Love Rememb'red het novel 1992
Fortress on a Tranquil Beach - Peter J. F.
Friends and Lovers het anthology 1995
Friends in Need
From a Whisper to a Roar het anthology Kimberwicke Enterprises
From Cloudless Climes het anthology 1991
From Out of Darkness het novel 1990
From the Ashes of Disaster het novel
From the Tunnels #1-2 het anthology 1989-1990
Full Circle - Chriss Lucas het novel 1995
Furballs puzzles 1991
A Future Too Late het novel 1989
The Garden het anthology 1992
The Garden in the Clouds 2002
Genesis gen 1998
The Gift het 1990
Gifts of the Gods 1991
A Glimpse into the Future het, from the UK Gwen Lord
Gonna Howl Tonight songbook 1995
Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights convention zine Roxanne Koogler 1993
Happily Ever After het novel 1990
The Hat on the Bench in Central Park gen 1997
Healing, Above and Below het novel 1993
Heart of the Minstrel 1990
The Heart's Best Treasure het novel 1992
Heartscapes het anthology
A Heart to Hold het novel 1993
Heaven Breaking Through het AU novel 1997
Heaven's Gift het novel 1991
Hell Hath No Fury
The Helpers Network Gazette non-fiction resource 1993-1994
Holiday For Lovers #1-5 1996-1999
Hopes and Dreams het anthology, German ? ?
Howlin' All the Time! filks 1989
How Shall I Hold My Soul het novel 1991
How Shall I Love Thee, Catherine???
How Sweet the Dream het anthology 1990
Huntress #1-2 1992-1993
Hurricane Vincent het novel
Hymns at Heaven's Gate
I am the Dream het 1999
Idylls of the Beast het anthology 1994
I Have Faith in Nights het poetry anthology 1991
I Know You're Out There, Somewhere het novel 1991
Images #1-2 het novels 1991
Imagine and Remember het anthology 1990
Impasse het novel
In a Heartbeat het novel The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club
In a Moonless Sky het anthology 1990
In Another Life
Innocence Abroad gen novel Kimberwicke Enterprises
In the Beginning... Beyond... and Forward het novel 1990
In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance het novel 1993
In Search of Angels het novel 1995
In the Silence of the Night het novel 1993
In the World of Light het novel 1992
Invocation for a Child het novel 1991
In Your Dreams
I Shall But Love Thee Better het novel 1995
It's Still a Fairytale het anthology 1990
It's Up to You, New York gen anthology, also multimedia Clean Slate Press
Jacob het novel by Taerie Bryant
Jacob's Dream het novel 1995
Joe Maxwell's Tales from the Big City Winterfest Waltz
Kaleidoscope het stories by Cynthia Hatch 1989-1991
Keeping the Dream Alive letterzine
Kindred Hearts het anthology 1998
A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited het conzine anthology 1999
Know Not the Heart het MacWombat Press
Kristopher poetry anthology early 2000's
Labyrinth Dance het novel 1992
The Lady of Lionmeade
Land of My Dreams het novel 1993
Lay Claim to Love: Boundless Moments het anthology 1992
Leaving het novel (also as audio tape)
The Legacy het novel 1993
Legacy of Love 1992
Legend 1991
Letters of Love 1997
Life Before, Life Below het novel 1999
Life's Little Instruction Book for B & B Fans non-fiction June 1996
Life Songs 1995
A Life Without Limits (Beauty and the Beast anthology zine)‎ Mountain Rose Press 1990
Light and Cloudshadows
Limelight #1-2 het novels 1990-1991
The Linda Hamilton Underground newsletter
Lionheart het poetry 1991
The Lost Love Letters of Catherine Chandler anthology Jo Faulkner
Love and Light 1990
Love and Roses het anthology pre-1992
Love Bade Me Welcome - A Beauty and the Beast Consummation Novel het novel PS Nim 1990
Love for All Seasons het 1991
Love Has Not Forgotten You het novel 1992
Lovelocked het anthology 1993
Lovequest het novel 1990
Love Shall Not het novel 2002
Lovesight het novel 1990
Love Songs het anthology 1995
Love's Story: The Party het novel 1991
Miracle of Love
Mirrors #1-4 gen Checkmate Press 1988
The Mirror of Our Dreams gen 1994
Macky's Sign of the Lion het 1988
Magic Windows het anthology pre-1992
The Man Who Never Was novel 1993
Margaret's Clock gen, choose your own adventure 1991
Mark of the Lion gen novel 1992
Masquerades gen 1991-1994
Maxwell's House gen, Joe-centric 1991
Memories Borne of the White Rose het poetry 1988
The Memory Flame het anthology Mountain Rose Press 1990
The Midnight Collection #1-3 het anthology Rosefire Press 1993, 2001
More Than a Miracle gen novel Kimberwicke Enterprises
More Roads Not Taken het novel The Crystal Rose 1997
Mouse Tales gen anthology 1992
Mute Songs het MacWombat Press
Myths and Miracles sequel to Demons
New Beginnings, New Dreams gen
A New Reign in Hell het fiction anthology Steve Nottingham
Nexus het novel 1992
Night Images het novel Nancy Mastandrea n.d.
Night of Love het novel CrystalFire Press 1990
None but the Heart Alone het anthology
No Shadow of Another#1-3 het anthology Crystal Connection Press 1991-
Oblivion #1-4 novels 1998
Of Dark and Bright het novel 1991
Of Dreams and Schemes gen anthology Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Of Love and Laughter het novel 1999
Of Things That are Not but Should Be het novel 1991
Oh Sweet Song het
Old Souls het MacWombat Press
Once and Forever het fiction anthology Overflow Press
Once in a Lifetime het anthology 1992
Once More, With Feeling het antholgoy 2005
Once Upon a Dream het anthology 1998
Once Upon a Fairy Tale het novel Midnight Press 1992
Once Upon Another Time het 1991
Once Upon a Sonnet het poetry 1990
Once Upon a Time het anthology 1992
Once Upon A Time In the City of New York... A Homecoming con zine 2001
Once Upon a Time... Is Now newsletter 1989
Once Upon a Winterfest het anthology 1995
One Day, A Rapture het novel 1989
One Moment in Time het novel 1994
One Night Forever (Beauty and the Beast zine by Deborah A. M.) het novel 1990
One Night, Forever (Beauty and the Beast zine by Joy Faulkner) het novel
One Small Life het novel 1991
Only with Love #1-3 het anthology 1991-
On the Side of the Angels het novel 1993
Origin/Destiny novel 1991
O Sweetest Song anthology 1991-1995
O Sweetest Song (Beauty and the Beast novel) novel 1992
Otherwise het novel
Out of the Flames het novel 1991
Overtures 1988-1990
Parallel Heroes het crossover with Star Trek: TNG
Parallel Worlds Within the City het novel 1993
Pas de Deux het novel 1992
Passages of Time het novel 1993
Passion! 1-2 het novels 1994-1996
Passionplay het novel 1991
Past is Prologue
Pebbles het
Pegasus het anthology 2001
Perchance to Dream het anthology Dreamseekers 1993
Perhaps White Rose Press 1991
The Petals of Passion The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club
Phoenix #1-6 het anthology 1992-1995
Pick Me Up het anthology 1994
Pieces of Eternity poetry
Pipedreams anthology 1990
Pipeline letterzine
Poems of Love and Dreams poetry
Poems to Treasure poetry 1997
The Poetry Chamber combines Paradox and Children of Darkness Beauty and the Beast UK Chamber 1992
Possibilities #1-7 Kimberwicke Enterprises
Primal Symphonies het anthology 1991
A Prince Among Men het anthology 1995
The Princess and the Beast het novel pre-1992
Private Candles het anthology 1990
The Promise het novel Jean Hinson and Firetrine Press 1989
Promise of Eternity het novel by Burke 1990
Promise of Eternity het novel by Heather Peters and Lynne Arthur Whispering Gallery Press 1990
Promises of Someday letterzine Excalibur Publications 1989-1990
Promises to Keep #1-2 novel series 1990-1992
Qfer resource zine 1992-1997
Quantum Beast - Lee Kirkland 1990
Queen's Night #1-2 het anthology 1990-1992
Quest for the Original het novel
A Ray of Hope anthology Fluffasaurus Press/Northern Ohio Beauty and the Beast Fanclub 1989
Read to Me: A Collection of Poems from Father poetry anthology
Refuge of the Brave - Peter J. F. sequel to Blind Justice Loving Companion Enterprises-Triphammer Station
Reflection's (Beauty and the Beast zine edited by Joan Ahlstrom) #1-3 het anthology 1990-1991
Reflections (Beauty and the Beast zine edited by Jenny Bozovic and Marie Tillot) gen anthology 1994
Reflections (Beauty and the Beast zine edited by Gloria Handley) het anthology 1997
Reflections in Candlelight het anthology 1994
Remember Love, Always het anthology 1991
Remember the Magic het anthology 2006
Remembrance het novel 1993
Remote Control Criterion Press 1990-2004
Rerun Polaris Press
Rescue, Reunion and Fulfillment gen novel
The Restoration Trilogy - Molly G. het Reason Publications 1990
The Return gen novel 1993
The Reunion het novel 1994
Revelations #1-3 het anthology
Rhapsody het novel series 1998
Rightfully Mine het novel Vincent's World Press 1990
The Risk of Fame het novel, possibly anthology
River to the Ocean het anthology 2001
The Roads Not Taken het novel 1994
Romantic New York: A Guide to the City of Vincent and Catherine travel guide
A Romantic of the Leonine Persuasion #1-3 scrapbook Beauty and the Beast International Fan Club
A Safe Place from the Storm het novel
Safe Places #1-2 Rowena G. W. 1988
Sanctuary het novel 1999
Sapphires and Emeralds het anthology 1992
Seasons of the Heart anthology The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club 1992
Second Stories gen anthology Martin Enterprises 1989
A Secret Place Mkashef Enterprises 1988
Sensual Candlelight #1-2 het anthology 1993, 1996
Shadow Dancers 1994
The Shadow Knight het Dapplewood Press 1990-1991
Shadowscapes het anthology
Shadows of Light Datazine Publications 1988
Shadows of the City newsletter Martin Enterprises
...Shall Have No Dominion - by Carolyn K. #1-3 1990-1992
Shelter Me #1-2 series of novels Reason Publications 1991-1993
Sherwood Tunnels also RoS
She Walks in Beauty #1-3 het anthology Little Buddy Press 1990-1993
She Walks in Darkness het novel 1992
A Silken Bestiary m/f anthology Sandra Deville 1990s
Singing Skies #1-2 het anthology 2000
Skyline het anthology 1990-1992
Sleepless in Providence het anthology 1995
Smoulderings het novel
Something Sacred poetry Crystal Ball Productions 1991
Something That Has Never Been #1-2 het anthology 1990
Song of Destiny 1992
Song of Solomon het anthology by Linda Mooney MacWombat Press
Songs of the Bluebird het novel
Songs of the Dream het anthology 1994
Sonnets and Roses het anthology 1989
South of Oz het anthology 1991
The Spiral Staircase 1-10 newsletter 1989-1995
Spring Fever het anthology
Starry, Starry Night het anthology 2001
Star Spangled Night Mare novel 1999
Stories from Below het anthology
Storms #1-3 het anthology 1991-1992
Straight from the Heart het novel 1995
Strange and Wonderful and Sad gen and het anthology 1992
The Sun in the Stone het poetry 1992
Sunlight het novel
Swallow on the Wing het novel 2000
Sweet Sleep of Night het novel 1991
A Tale of Two Kitties gen, sequel to Innocence Abroad Kimberwicke Enterprises 1993
Tales from a Happy Life het anthology
Tales from the Litterbox #1-2 Gyspy Moth Publications
Tales of Love and Hope 1991
Tapestry Tales #1-2 het anthology 1999
Texas Revelations REVELcon Press
Thighs and Whispers het MacWombat Press/Wildheart Press 1992
Thin Walls het novel 1990
Tempus Fugit het novel
Thanks to the Human Heart het novel 1996
There's Always Tomorrow novel 2000
Though They Sink Through the Sea novel 1991
Threshold to Dreams het anthology Midnight Press 1991-1992
Through the Eyes of Innocence#1-2 gen anthology by children Central Park South 1990-1992
A Time for Us het, ST:TNG xover Stephara Press 1991
A Time to Grow explicit het The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club
Timeless novel 1994
Tim'rous Beastie gen anthology MacWombat Press 1991
A Truth Beyond Knowledge novel 1993
To Dream a Dream het novel Unicorn Press 1991
To Dream Again het novel Kerin's Collectibles 1992
To Dream of Daring & From the Branch to the Earth - Toni L. B. het
To Know Him is to Love Him het novel
To Love Forever het novel 1992
Tomorrow's Dreams het novel
To Search No More het novel 1995
To Soothe the Savage Beast het 1990
A Touch of Kindred Souls Crystal Rose Productions 1989-1991
Touch of Love fiction, articles and art mid to late 1990s
To Weave the Tapestry het novel Dapplewood Press
Tradewind novel 2000
Trial by Conception novel
Trial Run het novel 1990
Tunnel Dweller's Guide to Family Activity Nights 1990
Tunnels het anthology Artemis Press 1988
Tunnels: Different Realities het anthology Artemis Press 1990
Tunnels of Love adult het Dapplewood Press 1989-1990
Tunnel Tales het anthology 1993
Tunnel Talk newsletter
Tunnel Vision novel 1999
Tunnel Visions #1-5 1989-1991
Turtledove Rising het novel 2002
Two of a Kind novel 1995
Two Songs het novel 1993
Unleash the Beast het anthology
Until the Night newsletter
An Unwelcome Disturbance het novel
Vina, Vina het anthology Penreddy Publication
Vincent and Catherine #1-3 het novels 1989-1991
Vincent Revisited novel 1992
Vincent's Pride #1-3 gen anthology 1990-1995
Vincent's Voice newsletter Minnesota Beauty & the Beast Society 1990s
Vincent's World #1-10 het anthology Vincent's World Press 1990-1995
Vinnie, Vidi, Vici For Error Press
Voices Unheard #1-3 1990-1993
Walk the World for Me het novel 1993
The Warrior Lord The Beauty and the Beast British Fan Club 1999?
Wee Bairns het anthology by Linda Mooney MacWombat Press
Welcome to New York resource zine Greycloud Press
What All Men Seek to Find het novel pre-1992
What a Yo-Yo het parody 1991
What Light Through Yonder Window #1-2 het anthology 1994-1995
When Angels Fall het novel 1992
When My World Divides and Shatters novel
When She Comes Home - M. Sue W. het 1990
When the Phoenix Sings - Sue Glasgow 1993
Where Dreams Are Born 1991
Where Moonbeams Kiss the Sea 1999
Where Rapture Lies novel 1996
Where the Rainbow Ends #1-4 het anthology 1990-1994
While the Fountains Echo 1999
While the Light Lives Yet
The Whispering Gallery #1-19 gen and het letterzine
A Whisper of Hope... An Echo of Despair het anthology 1990
White Cover het anthology 1993
White Roses het 1990
Wildheart fanart zine MacWombat Press 1990
Wings of Destiny het novel 2002
The Wings That Fly Us Home het anthology 2001
Wings to Dreams 1991
Wishes and Dreams Golden Heart Press/Dark Horse Publishing
Within the Crystal Rose gen Mountain Rose Press
Within the Silver Mirror het 1990
With a Kiss het poetry zine
With Love All Things Are Possible het novel
The Winds Of Dawn That Blow... 1999
Words from the Heart poetry zine
A World Below het novel
The X-Smiles xover with XF Rosefire Press
Yearning Hearts het anthology 1992
Yesterday a Child het anthology 1990
Yesterday's Shadow het novel 1994