Behind Cathy's Smile

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Title: Behind Cathy's Smile
Author(s): Edna Grice
Cover Artist(s): Barbara Gipson
Illustrator(s): no interior art
Date(s): 2004
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Behind Cathy's Smile is a adult het 79-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Edna Grice. Cover art is by Barbara Gipson.

It is a continuation of the story of the same name in All's Wells Once More.

cover art by Barbara Gipson

The Author's Foreword

U.S. readers are usually happy to tolerate the many minor linguistic differences in U.K. writing; it adds colour, or color. Tweaking your judicial system, however, may cause a wince or two, so 111 apologise in advance. {You could be kind and call my ignorance 'artistic licence.7)

There's a senior executive lawyer to whom the D.A.s in his area may refer an exceptionally complex or unusual case, for assessment and advice. It was on this desk that Joe's file landed In error' and as far as 1 am aware it exists only in my imagination.

Thanks to Barbara Gipson for permission to use her artwork.