Crossroads (Beauty and the Beast/Terminator crossover zine)

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Title: Crossroads
Publisher: Rosefire Press, Pumping Iron Press
Author(s): Helen Commodore
Cover Artist(s): Mickey Sayles (one version: dated 1994)
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)/Terminator
Language: English
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Crossroads is an adult het 150-page Beauty and the Beast/Terminator Classic novel by Helen Commodore.

It was rated "adult" and an age statement was required.

There appear to be two versions of the cover. One by Mickey Sayles is dated 1994.

From the flyer:
Get ready to enter a world... where past, present and future meet. Where existence and oblivion walk a tense tightrope. Where danger is always a footstep away, and where love is still all that matters.

CROSSROADS. A BATB/Terminator crossover. Sarah's tough... Catherine's sharp. Two strong women... loving two strong men. Salt, sexy, smart... closer than sisters... Combining their skills and savvy with their secrets of Above and Below to survive in today's world... and keep it safe for tomorrow.

An exciting adventure, a thrilling love story.