Innocence Abroad

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Title: Innocence Abroad
Publisher: Kimberwicke Enterprises
Author(s): Lisa Swope & K. Kimberly Prosser
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): June 1994 (second printing: April 1995)
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Batb Innocence Abroad.JPG
interior illo by Barb Gipson, dated 1989

Innocence Abroad is a gen 75-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Lisa Swope and K. Kimberly Prosser.

It has a cover and one piece of interior art by Barb Gipson.

From the publisher: "The long-awaited sequel to A Tale of Two Kitties, wherein, at eleven, Nathan decides he's all grown up and strikes out on his own for Washington D.C. and Uncle Devin. Will Washington survive? Will Vincent? Will Nathan?"

Reactions and Reviews

This Continued Classic zine follows the team's A Tale of Two Kitties. Terrible tot Nathan (who resembles Vincent) of the earlier story is now eleven and has a loathed toddler sister, Mariah, a terror in her own right. Unhappy and restless, Nathan decides to follow Uncle Devin to Washington D.C. on his own, and without telling anyone except tattling baby sister. Vincent, in a fine high temper, sets out to retrieve his wandering son, leading to adventures for Nathan, Vincent, and Devin. A night spent hiding in a cemetery is particularly eventful: Nathan discovers ghosts are talking to him! As always, this team's observations of children's attitudes is dead-on, perceptive, unsentimental, and highly entertaining. And Vincent's problem of teaching Nathan the caution he'll need to survive, without scaring the wits out of him, is excellently handled. Altogether up to this team's very high standard. [1]