A Tale of Two Kitties

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Title: A Tale of Two Kitties
Publisher: Kimberwicke Enterprises
Author(s): Kim Prosser & Lisa Swope
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): September 1993 (second printing: April 1995)
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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cover of the original edition, Barb Gipson
cover of the second no frills edition, Barb Gipson

A Tale of Two Kitties is a 62-page gen Beauty and the Beast novel by Kim Prosser & Lisa Swope.

Artwork by Barbara Gipson and Dragon.

It was originally meant to be included in the proposed zine "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

It has a prequel called Innocence Abroad.


Firstborn son Nathan (first intro'd in "Love and Marriage," printed in Light and Cloudshadows 3) wreaks havoc in his family's lives. Like a kitten climbing curtains and unraveling balls of yarn, he discovers how using his claws can enhance his adventures and annoy various people. With manipulation of our environment comes manipulation of Mommy and Daddy. Can Vincent and Catherine's marriage survive this child? Devin also appears, making pithy, annoying commentary as always.[1]

From the Zine

Mea Culpa:

Please allow us to apologize for this zine being late. We've felt the wrath of many readers regarding this, and we are sorry. We wrote you regarding why the zine was late, and explained the reasons to various fans with hotlines, and hope the many months' wait was worth it. If you want to talk to Kim personally about anything regarding our work, please call her at (904) 823-9837, week-day evenings, before 9:00 eastern time.

The originally advertised.<4 Tale of Two Kitties is what you hold in your hands. Recently, we had planned to include Innocence Abroad and publish both in one book under the title Something Wicked This Way Comes. But Innocence Abroad is running much longer than we thought -over 150 pages— and the budget for this zine couldn't withstand that. So we're fleshing out Innocence Abroad to include more misadventures with 12-year-old Nathan and his parents. Another daughter is being added (Megan, named after Father's Margaret), who challenges her parents nearly as much as does Nathan.

In short, the characters have run away with the tale. We'd like to let them run until they're exhausted, and

take our time finishing this one. We'll let you know when the book is ready for release by dropping a postcard in the mail.

Regarding the 1995 Reprint...

From the zine:

New Publications Such was the upset over our declaration of discontinuing the zines that we've decided to keep going, but at a NEW, CHEAPER RATE, so as to: 1) make deadlines more realistic for us and 2) make the zines more affordable to you. It's our hope that no title will sell for more than $ 15.00, including postage. This new price (with a new printer) means books with no frills and lots of text—often with no artwork or fancy covers. We'll still GBC bind the books and mail them book rate unless you specify otherwise. We'll return to a gentler, more romantic style, and as long as a reasonable number of fans buy the books, we'll churn 'em out.

Please note that all future publications will have extremely limited runs of three months ONLY. This is so we can spend more time writing the stuff than shipping the stuff. So if you want it, get it then. The books will NOT be sold at reduced prices, into infinity, as the earlier books are. In short, these will probably be collector's items in the future, with only a few hundred out there. So get 'em while you can...or miss out. We've reduced the price as far as we can, and we're going back to romantic Vincent/Catherine for you. If there's anything we're not doing that you wish we were, please CALL and let us know. We're trying our little hearts out over here!


Until We Meet Again... Be Well.

Thank you for all of your kind words and support-and protests when we said we weren't gonna do this anymore! (We didn't think anyone would miss us, actually.) We'll try to keep writing this stuff as long as we have stories to share and people out there who want them.

If it's not too much trouble, please write and let us know what you like about our stories. So often, we've heard the complaints more than the "I really liked it when...'"s. We need the latter to keep the creativity going and not get discouraged.

May all of your beastly dreams come true.

All the best, - Kim and Lisa

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

This is a tale of Vincent/Catherine's terrible tot who enjoys terrorizing the other children and causes a considerable problem between his parents. Good perception of children (as always from this team), fine reading.[2]