Bridge of Dreams

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Title: Bridge of Dreams
Author(s): Maxine Mayer
Cover Artist(s): Lena Wood
Illustrator(s): see below
Date(s): July 1993
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Bridge of Dreams is a het 140-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Maxine Mayer. Art by Barb Gipson, Jan Durr, Rhonda Collins, Lena Wood (cover), Nan Dibble.

Reactions and Reviews

This sensitive, insightful 4th season novel is about connectedness and community. After V returns Below, having spent the past year Above (with Jacob) as Diana's guest while he worked through his grief over C's death, he gradually realizes that the tunnel community has turned its back on the world Above and cut themselves off from the helpers. V feels he must lead the community back to the original vision by building bridges between hearts as well as a literal bridge between the worlds Above and Below. Meanwhile, Diana has her own problems: sister Susan has thrown out husband Larry, who's become increasingly possessive...and abusive. Knowing Larry won't leave it at that, D urges Susan to get away from there-now! At first resistant, Susan abruptly disappears with young daughter Alex. Larry's desperate to find out where they've gone. Believing that Diana knows, Larry begins following and photographing her, hoping to get some leverage to force her to reveal Susan's whereabouts. He gets it in the form of a blurry photo of Vincent, briefly visiting on Diana's roof. The Diana plotline is more action oriented; that involving Vincent is more thoughtful. Both plots converge and are resolved in a satisfying way. The book is literate and thoughtful, sometimes dramatic, featuring a strong D/V friendship. Overall, fine storytelling and absorbing reading. Art by Barb Gipson (including a striking trio of Diana portraits), Jan Durr, Rhonda Collins, Lena Wood (cover); also drawings by Nan Dibble. [1]


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