Labyrinth Dance

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Title: Labyrinth Dance
Publisher: Golden Heart Press, the submission request said Dreamland Press
Author(s): Ida Vega
Cover Artist(s): Pam Tuck
Date(s): December 1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Pam Tuck

Labyrinth Dance is a digest-sized 62-page het Beauty and the Beast novel written by Ida Vega and edited by Roxanne Koogler. It contains two illos by Pam Tuck.


A paralyzed, mute Catherine has been installed in a rest home by Joe, who has claimed she's his sister. At the time the story opens, nobody knows how much, if any, of her mental faculties she may have retained or recovered. Joe believes the unknown 'Vincent' seduced and then abandoned her when she became pregnant. A relative of Narcissa's plays a part in the story, as do Father and Diana. [1]
An original SND (She's Not Dead) novelette. A Helper who works at a private nursing home tells Diana Bennett about a formerly comatose patient, admitted a year ago by Joe Maxwell, who bears a striking resemblance to Catherine Chandler. Diana visits the home and discovers Joe's "sister," whom he visits faithfully every weekend, is really Catherine Chandler. Mute and paralyzed, her beauty gone, but her mind and memories intact, she longs for Vincent but cannot reach him because their bond was destroyed by her death. Should Diana tell Vincent that his beloved Catherine is still alive? Or say nothing and let her live out the rest of her life in the home, where she'll receive the best of care until her lonely death? [2]


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