The Beastman Cometh

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Title: The Beastman Cometh
Author(s): Simon Logan
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): December 1999 (possibly earlier 1996 see summary below)
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)/X-Files
Language: English
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The Beastman Cometh is a gen Beauty and the Beast novel that was published in Scotland. It is a 91-page crossover with The X-Files and contains 55,000 words.

The zine includes poems by Mindy Hawthorn. Art: Cover by L. Felton, interior art by Jonathon Charlnley, Andrea Barber, Joni Logan, Simon Logan.


When people start dying in the park, the killer is thought to be an animal. As the killings worsen, Vincent's nightmares increase. [1]
In a 1996 letter to volume 4 Of Love nd Hope the author wrote:
"In it, a serial killer is on the lose in New York, stealing his victims from Central Park. Mulder correlates this with reported sightings of the 'lionman' and he and Scully go up there to investigate. Meanwhile, more bodies turn up and it seems more and more likely that Vincent is in fact the killer. No matter how hard Catherine tries to convince him otherwise, he suspects himself. "


  1. ^ from the flyer