Chamber Tales

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Title: Chamber Tales
Publisher: Jacksonville Supporters of Beauty and the Beast
Editor(s): Debi Tolleson
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Chamber Tales is a one-shot gen and het zine containing fiction, letters and news about the show Beauty and the Beast.

From a flyer: Not just a fictionzine, but something a little different... a 'this n' that' zine."

Some Contents

  • Kipper Dilemma by Starchild (Kipper is now thirteen and he is having problems that seem overwhelming. Leave it to "big brother" Vincent to come to the rescue.)
  • Evening Stories -- Morning Glories by Karyl L. Weldon (A romantic evening for Vincent and Catherine turns into disaster. Both have hurt feelings from it. What happens now?)
  • The Me of Who I Am by Starchild (Vincent, who is delirious from fever, goes into the park where he passes out on the spot where he had first found Catherine. He is found and taken by the occupants of a black limosine [sic]. Thus Vincent is thrust into a strange situation that will affect his life forever.)
  • poetry by Starchild, Betsy Jacobs, Margie Marcotte, Kathleen Hall, Su Abbott, and Adelaide Love
  • art by Kay Weldon