Classic Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Classic Beauty and the Beast
Publisher: Dapplewood Press
Editor(s): Sharon Wells
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Classic Beauty and the Beast is a gen anthology that has fiction about the first two seasons. It was edited by Sharon Wells.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1 by Lawrence Williams

Classic Beauty and the Beast 1 was published in 1990 and contains 202 pages.

This is the fanzine for all "purists," for it contains stories that fit into the first and second season only, the "Classic" stories you've requested. They center around Vincent and Catherine and their loving relationship. It is PG-13 and has a color cover by artist Lawrence Williams. Some of the stories are:

WHAT PRICE FREEDOM?" by Sharon Wells. This is really a novella all on its own, taking us from a late night rondez vous on Catherine's balcony to the dangerous streets of New York. Captured and drugged by a wild gang of bikers, Vincent finds that he can no longer tell reality from fantasy, and that he has lost control of his Darker Side.

"THE LOST ONES: VULCAN" by Gretchen A. K. Kopmanis. Vincent and Catherine have time alone and decide to take a trip through the magnificent subterranean world, only Catherine wanders into the treasure trove of Vulcan, the misshapen outcast, and to regain her freedom will cost Vincent everything.

"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" by Karen Morgia. Catherine dreams, and in her dreams her role and Vincent's are reversed...she is the misfit, he the "normal one" in a strange new world where one lives with the Clan, or dies without it.

Plus stories by Linda Mooney, Allison Kay Smith, and Alice Baltes; poems, art, and "little gems" by Kathi Edrington. Art by Joan Ahlstrom, Inez Brown, Jan Eastwood, Barbara Gudlauski, Jacqueline Kapke, Wanda Rickets, Shirley Leonard, Sharon Wells, and Lawrence Williams. [1]
  • Letter from the Beastress (1)
  • The Unicorn by Kathi Edrington (3)
  • The Lost Ones: Vulcan by Gretchen A. K. Kopmanis (36)
  • The Answer by Margo Ann Quigley (36)
  • Anything is Possible by Karen Morgia (36)
  • The Loss by Kathi Edrington (68)
  • A Mother's Wish by Alice Baltes (70)
  • Beauty and the Best by Rosann Solnica (78)
  • Night Ride by Linda Mooney (104)
  • Love's Carousel by Marilyn Prather(107)
  • A Special Gift by Karen Edrington (109)
  • A Timeless Fable by Gretchen A. K. Kopmanis (111)
  • To Father by Margo Ann Quigley (113)
  • What Price Freedom by Sharon Wells (114)
  • Possession by Bobbi (202)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Sue K

Classic Beauty and the Beast 2 was published in 1991 and contains 200 pages. The art is by Sandra Elliott, Barbara Gudlauski, Jackie Kapke, Bruce Holroyd, Kathy Fidge and Sharon Wells. Authors are Ann R. Brown, Jacquelyn Kapke, Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis, Kay Weaver, MariLynn, K.J. Morgia, Lori J. Prins, Kathi Edrington, Sin Kennedy, Barb Coleing, Betty Reardon, Sharon Wells.

It contains a variety of stories: Stephen Bass reappears to torment Catherine in one. In another, set 10 years in the future, Catherine has survived 3rd season and Gabriel. Joe appears also. Much art and poetry with a stunning cover by pro artist Sue K.

  • A Power All Its Own by K.G. Morgia
  • Though Hell Should Bar the Way by Ann R. Brown
  • In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance by Gretchen Kopmanis
  • Jeffrey by Jackie Kapke
  • Long Lost Friends by Sharon Wells
  • Baby Vincent by Jackie Kapke
  • Unexpected Brush with Death by Jackie Kapke
  • Against All Odds by Jackie Kapke
  • Charles Vincent's Journal Entry by Jackie Kapke
  • A Brief Encounter by Betty Reardon
  • The History of the World by Sharon Wells


  1. from an ad in Tunneltalk vol 1, issue 9