Lay Claim to Love: Boundless Moments

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Title: Lay Claim to Love: Boundless Moments
Editor(s): Susan Abbott
Date(s): January 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Lay Claim to Love: Boundless Moments is a 68-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology. It has art by Susan Abbott, Lynette Combs, Dawn Waddall & Terrie Milliman.




Classic]]/Continued Classic zine. In M. Sue Waugh's 'Gift of the Heart,' Vincent and Catherine enjoy an interlude with mistletoe. In Pat Ryan's 'Bubble Luxury,' Catherine, moving Below, discovers bubble baths are not out of the question after all. In Judith Nolan's 'Beginnings,' Vincent is reconciled to not remembering what happened in the Trilogy cave. In 'A Preconceived Notion,' by Anita M. Hooson, Catherine and Vincent, married, yearn to have a child. In Amanda Clay's 'Legend,' Vincent and Catherine become lovers after his collapse in her apartment during 'The Rest is Silence.' In Lynette Comb's 'She Who Waits,' Vincent takes care of Catherine, overworked into humiliating clumsiness, followed by a sensual interlude. Also, stories by Lorie Freeman, Barbara Hill, Katelyn DuBois, Kellie Todd. Poetry by Phoebe Cary and Sue Abbott. [1]


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