The Poetry Chamber

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Title: The Poetry Chamber
Publisher: Beauty and the Beast UK Chamber
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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The Poetry Chamber is a gen and het anthology of poetry by numerous writers including Katarina Relf, David Crowther, and Natalie Smith.

This collection was combined after its initial publishing with two other zines, the novels Paradox and Children of Darkness, and published as the zine Paradox/Children of the Darkness/The Poetry Chamber.


  • Spiritual Rebrith by Sharon
  • My Precious Lion Boy by Dorothea Jeavons (2)
  • The Girl and Boy by Jacky Harrington (3)
  • Soul Mates by Jill Foster (4)
  • My State by David A Crowther (5)
  • He is Not of This World by Roseann Solnica (6)
  • Fantasy... Reality by Katrina Relf (7)
  • For Catherine by Pamela Oliver (8)
  • With You by Mary Page (9)
  • Forever by Katrina Relf (10)
  • With Touch as Gentle as the Rain by Jacky Harrington (12)
  • Dark Presentiments by David A Crowther (13)
  • Vincent - A Eulogy by Katrina Relf (14)
  • His Beautiful Face by Jacky Harrington (15)
  • The Kiss by David A Crowther (17)
  • Casting Stones by David A Crowther (18)
  • That Man is He by Sharon Dinsdale (19)
  • A Past Fall by David A Crowther (20)
  • The Dream by Pamela Oliver (21)
  • Roses by Natalie Smith (23)
  • The Wedding Day by Natalie Smith (23)
  • The Lonely Dream by Katrina Relf (25)
  • Walk Slowly by Sharon (28)
  • To Vincent by Pamela Oliver (27)
  • Whispers by David A Crowther (28)
  • Legacy by Tracey Wootten (30)
  • A Happy Life by Sharon (31)
  • Dreams of Someday by Sharon (33)
  • Sometimes Down a Dark Tunnel by Roseann Solnica (34)
  • Broken Dreams by Sharon (35)
  • Vincent by Sharon (36)