Awaken to the Dream

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Title: Awaken to the Dream
Publisher: AdderLore Publications
Editor(s): Sandra Ayers
Date(s): July 1990
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Danny Grigsby

Awaken to the Dream is a het 142-page Beauty and the Beast full-size anthology of fiction by Kathi Edrington, Alice Simmons and Sandra Ayers. The front cover is by Danny Grigsby.

The stories are about Vincent and Catherine's Happy Life Below.


This zine consists of 7 stories and some poetry. In 'Childhood Memories', a young Vincent and Catherine become friends. Most stories focus on a singular event in Vincent and Catherine's life which has the effect of reaffirming their love. Vincent also finds his brother in 'The Voice Of Your Eyes'. [1]


  • The Voice in Your Eyes
  • Childhood Memories (tells of how young Catherine met young Vincent on a trip to Central Park)
  • The Temptation
  • It Will Not Let You Fall
  • Beautiful and Impossible Things
  • The Small Gift
  • The Past, The Present, The Future
  • some poetry


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