An Ever Fixed Mark

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You may be looking for the Merlin story An Ever-Fixed Mark.

Title: An Ever Fixed Mark
Editor(s): Brenda Boyd
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
External Links: Qfer
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An Ever Fixed Mark is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology with fiction by Brenda Boyd. She is also the cover and interior artist.

Issue 1

An Ever Fixed Mark 1 was published in 1991 and contains 142 pages. The cover and interior art is by Brenda Boyd.

cover of issue #1, Brenda Boyd
Collection of SND/Catherine-as-a-ghost 4th season short stories. Most of the zine consists of the first two installments of a novel, "An Ever Fixed Mark," by Boyd in which Catherine returns in another woman's body. More fiction by Boyd, including "Ruled by Fate," an alternate universe story in which Catherine is the different one; and "The Night Will More Than Pay," by Joan Chesman, in which Vincent, over his remaining lifetime, is comforted by meeting Catherine in his dreams. [1]
This zine consists of 3 stories, including one in which Catherine returns to the land of the living but in another woman's body without her memories. A second story has Catherine's spirit visiting Vincent. Diana appears as a friend in this zine. [2]
  • An Ever Fixed Mark
  • Ruled by Fate
  • The Night Will More Than Pay
  • And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Issue 2

An Ever Fixed Mark 2 contains a Classic story concerning Vincent's background.


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