In the Beginning... Beyond... and Forward

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Title: In the Beginning... Beyond... and Forward
Author(s): Cheryl Gray
Cover Artist(s): W.P. Arteno
Date(s): May 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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In the Beginning... Beyond... and Forward is a 138-page het Beauty and the Beast novel by Cheryl Gray. Cover art portraits of Vincent and Catherine by W.P. Arteno, a pro artist.


In the story line of this zine, Vincent and Catherine marry and, after much action and sadness, ultimately have a son. Jamie and Joe also find love. Readers should note that the Eulogy from 3rd season is quoted but in an entirely different context.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

This rambling Classic novel by a very beginning writer wanders between past and present tense (and we don't mean flashbacks) and the prose style is very halting and uncertain. In it, Vincent becomes ill and is tended by Catherine, then Catherine moves Below after introducing Joe to Vincent. V/C are married; then Catherine becomes ill. After that, she's pregnant, and goes to Connecticut..alone (except for Mary and various friends) rest. Vincent finally arrives anyhow, due to a prescient vision, as she goes into labor. Everything turns out all right in the end. In a subplot, there's romance for Jamie and Joe. There are a couple of V/C sexual interludes-one, quite graphic. But they aren't dwelt on. The cover art portraits of Vincent and Catherine by W. P. Arteno, a pro artist, are extremely handsome.[2]


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