Holiday For Lovers

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Title: Holiday for Lovers
Publisher: A New Enterprise Publication for The Helpers Network UK
Author(s): Chucki Burge, edited by Gwen Lord
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1996-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Holiday For Lovers is a series of connected het Beauty and the Beast novels by Chucki Burge. They follow the close relationships of Vincent and Catherine, Father and Mary, Joe and Jenny.

Issue 1

Holiday For Lovers 1 was published in 1996 and contains 50 pages. It has art by Gerda Ecklaert and Marina Broers.

It is an ongoing story which continues in the series.

Summary: "Vincent and Catherine become lovers. Catherine takes Vincent to task for suggesting she fall in love with Michael."

Excerpt: "As Catherine left to office, a smile on her face, she could hear Vincent's voice in her head, 'Four whole days together'."

Issue 2

Holiday For Lovers 2 was published in 1997 and contains 60 pages.

cover of issue #2, Gerda Eecklaert

The cover is by Gerda Eecklaert, and the interior art is by Rosemarie Hauer.

Summary: "Weekend for Lovers: It's the weekend after Thanksgiving, when V and C had become lovers in fact. Now Vincent has promised to spend the weekend in Catherine's apartment, where they will talk of their future together."

A note from the publisher, Gwen Lord:
It is a pleasure to be able to bring you the second in the series of fanzines by Chuckie Burge, who lives in the USA. Way back in 1995. my dear friend Kathy Bayne from New Jersey, USA, gave me a manuscript to read, which I quickly turned into "Holiday For Lovers" when I saw Chuckie's style of writing was just what B&B fans adore. You proved me right when requests started to pour in for us to do a sequel. This has had to be delayed until now. due to Chuckie being very ill. On her return to health, she has returned to her computer, and here is your sequel. I would like to thank Chuckie with all my heart for her help, love and friendship. If you like this story as much as the first. please tell us. so we can think about a number 3. We had the story. now we have the fanzines, and you are the reader, the three ingredients to help keep this wonderful dream alive. The spirit of B&B, and the friendships forged by B&B, are a special part of our lives now.

Issue 3

Holiday For Lovers 3 was published in 1998 and contains 67 pages.

Summary: "Catherine introduces Joe to Vincent."

Issue 4

Holiday For Lovers 4 was published in 1998 and contains 70 pages. Art is by Pam Tuck.

Summary: "Vincent and Catherine plan to marry, and another "long overdue romance" blossoms."

Issue 5

Holiday For Lovers 5 was published in 1999. Art is by Pam Tuck.

Summary: "A wedding novel. Catherine is experiencing morning sickness. Jenny and Joe are part of the wedding party. Vincent is jealous of Elliot."

Issue 6

Holiday for Lovers 6 was published in 2001. It was the final issue. Art is by Pam Tuck.

Summary: "C is pregnant with twins, Jenny and Joe are a couple, and Devin makes an appearance."