Private Candles

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Title: Private Candles
Publisher: Dancing Lights
Editor(s): Teresa Salas & Camille Eatman
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Jan Eastwood
interior art by Jan Eastwood

Private Candles is a 162-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Teresa Salas & Camille Eatman. Art Information: Front cover by Jan Eastwood, back cover by Nick Salas; interior art by Jan Eastwood. Also includes classic poetry by Shelly, Teasdale, and others.


This is a collection of "first-time stories and post 3rd season SND variations. Diana appears in two stories. In 'Love Endured,' Diana and Elliot reunite the lovers. Diana pours out her love and frustration in her personal computer diary in 'Dear Vincent' (Catherine is dead). In the last story, Vincent rescues Catherine from Gabriel's clutches and delivers their child. Explicit sex. [1]


  • He's Changed My Life by Courtney Maxwell (2)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (3)
  • The Changeling by Stephanie K. Kana (4)
  • Spring Night by Sara Teasdale (20)
  • Masquerade by Teresa Salas (21)
  • She Walks in Beauty by George Gordon Brown (31)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (32)
  • Discoveries by Courtney Maxwell (33)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (70)
  • Merry Christmas by Teresa Salas (71)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (76)
  • In My Fantasy by Courtney Maxwell (79)
  • Together for All Time by Teresa Salas (80)
  • Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley (87)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (87)
  • Love Endured by Courtney Maxwell (88)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (107)
  • Longing by Matthew Arnold (113)
  • No Sadness of Farewell by Barb Trimble (114)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (128)
  • Dear Vincent by Stephanie K. Kana (129)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (134)
  • At Nightfall by Charles Hanson Town (135)
  • Choice by Angela Morgan (136)
  • It Should Have Happened this Way by Courtney Maxwell (137)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (156
  • We Have Lived and Loved Together by Charles Jeffries (161)
  • artwork by Jan Eastwood (162)

Reactions and Reviews

An earnest effort. [2]


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