Castle of Sand

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You may be looking for Sand Castle, a Professionals zine.

Title: Castle of Sand
Author(s): Wendy de-Veryard
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): January 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Castle of Sand is a het 62-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Wendy de-Veryard. It was published in the UK and has art by Renate Haller.

From the Author

Vincent sincerely believed that Catherine would be better off pursuing the life she were born for. After all what they had was just a dream, wasn't it? And if Catherine heard Vincent say one more time, 'If our paths had not crossed' she thought she would scream. So perhaps it would be an idea to try things Vincent's way and prove him wrong? Castle of Sand follows the tragedy of Vincent and Catherine's separation, as each comes to terms with the other's belief. Until a turn of events forces the issues one way or another. Which way? Read it and see!