The Beauty and the Beast Companion

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Title: The Beauty and the Beast Companion
Creator: Peter J. Formaini & Loving Companion Enterprise/TunnelWorld Publications
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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The Beauty and the Beast Companion is a gen and het resource to the show. Although fans participated in the creation of the resource guide, it is not a fanzine but professionally published and distributed by Random House Postings Division.

From a flyer in the The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines‎: "The Beauty and the Beast Companion is a 304 page reference work for one of the finest dramatic series ever to grace network television. Perfect bound, with a color cover by renowned fan artist Sue K, this work contains detailed synopses of all 55 episodes, critiques, full production and performance credits, literary and musical references, trivia, series milestones, and special information for each episode."

For an additional fee ($19 a year) fans could also subscribe to The Beauty and the Beast Companion Quarterly Update Series: "The Beauty and the Beast Companion is expanded and updated by this quarterly journal. Each issue is 35-45 pages long and contains additions, revisions and corrections to the Beauty and the Beast Companion. Also included are essays, news, rumor control, classified and display ads, humorous articles, convention news, fandom news and commentary, poetry, fanzine reviews, syndication information, contests, and lots more."