Beauty & the Yeast

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Title: Beauty & the Yeast
Editor(s): P.S. Nim
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Beauty & the Yeast is a short zine in comic form. It contains 30 pages of cartoons, vignettes, and art by P.S. Nim.

cover -- "apologies to Olivia De Berardinis"


Let's just say that this one is about (among other things) Catherine dreaming of a home-sweet-home life with Vincent, and taking bread-baking classes with a teacher whom she finds vaguely familiar (well, she should, it's Paracelsus!). She leaves her dough unattended while she gets mugged going to Vincent, and he gets lost rescuing her. The dough grows and grows and threatens to engulf the whole city. Vincent could "roar it down"... but he's got laryngitis, and...[1]

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Reactions and Reviews

Hilarious short zine in comic form proves why P. S. really deserves to be called a legend in this fandom as well as in many other fandoms.[2]
All right, something as beautiful, sensitive and lyrical as our B&TB is begging to a prime target for a little elbow-ribbing, because there's so much 'stuff' available! The tunnels, the situation between Catherine and Vincent... heck Vincent's looks alone have given birth to numerous jokes by comedians, including Johnny Carson... A form of this good-natured self-depreciation can be found in the zine 'Beauty and the Yeast by P.S. Nim. In black and white comic book style, these superbly illustrated stories are chock full of little innuendoes, sight gags and ridiculas humor that you can't help by cry tears at them. Full-size, but thin on the page count (hey! it's the ONLY flaw I could find, but drawing is hard work!) but you'll be bowled over by the preciseness of the characters. Linda Hamilton is one tough cookie to capture on paper, but Nim did it!) Yeast is an original incident in the Classic vein... and the best thing this writer has digested since B&B Lite, so park yourself in your favorite La-z-boy, and don't forget the Kleenex... trust me! [3]
Beauty and the Yeast and The Absurd Season, by P.S. Nim, are graphic parodies of Beauty and the Beast, executed with a great deal of affection for the series and a healthy dose of pure mischief. The storylines are wonderfully silly, and the comic-book pen and ink illustrations are as hilarious as they are impressive. And they are impressive. P.S. has a marvelous magic to her illustrations—they possess incredible detail and perfect likenesses, a wonderful sense of composition and style, and a quirky feel for the absurd that is absolutely delightful. As an artist, I can say without reservation that P.S. is a pen-and-ink sorceress. Catherine Chandler, the face that crumpled a thousand sheets of Bristol board in the hands of frustrated artists? P.S. can capture her perfectly with a simple line drawing (and undoubtedly an incantation or two). But it's more than just the likenesses, it's the poses, the backgrounds (stacks of Kal Kan on Catherine's kitchen counter, monster movie posters in Vincent's room along with laundry hanging on the line, signs telling a Vincent racing to save his ladylove, "This way to Catherine"). It's utilizing some of the best-known photo references in unique ways. It's poking gentle fun at the show's foibles with visuals that have the perfect feel of the show—the tunnels, Catherine's wardrobe, Father's wardrobe. For the illustrations alone (and these, for the uninitiated, are the reason I used the term "comic-book" above—the illustrations are in a similar style, without the exaggeration, and every page is straining-at-the-seams full of them), these zines are worth the price. The silly plots are the cherry and nuts on the sundae... I highly recofrmend these zines to anyone who has seen even a few B&B episodes—they're worth every penny, and then some.[4]
[Beauty and the Yeast] & [ The Absurd Season ]: Two graphic novel parodies, the first of Classic B&B, the second of S#3. I howled with laughter all through B&tY; every panel was a wealth of humor, some subtle, some more obvious. This is the sort of satire which pokes fun with a gentle elbow to the ribs, and not a punch in the nose. I adored it, but be warned: a certain cheerful irreverence is required to appreciate this humor. TAS, the Third Season parody, was not available as of this writing (May, 1990), but shoud be in June. I, for one, am holding my breath in gleeful anticipation! Price is $5.00 each.[5]


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