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You may be looking for The Cameo Collection.

Title: Chamber Cameos
Publisher: B&B Upstate Underground
Editor(s): Margaret Mansfield and Inez Paskal
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Chamber Cameos is a fiction anthology. It has the subtitle: "Fantasies and Fables of Beauty and the Beast." Each issue ran about 60 pages. In first year of publication, the zine had twelve issues issued in twelve months. The second year, the zine went bi-monthly and there were six issues.


"Chamber Cameos was published monthly [in the first year] and contained some stores that continued throughout the year. Although considered a Classic zine, several stories are post 3rd season but all are resolved happily by Issue #12. A wide variety of story lines are covered, including fantasy, childhood, Classic and SND. New characters are introduced and old favorites are spotlighted. Diana appears in some stories as a friend. Some people may have trouble reading the reduced type, especially in those issues where the type is light. [1]
Originally a monthly fiction zine (volume one, 1-12, with roses on the covers); then published bimonthly (volume two, 1-6, with portraits of Vincent and Catherine on the covers). Continuing story lines and additional independent stories introduce many new characters and explore those we know. The series as a whole is Classic, Continued Classic, and SND. Mansfield and Paskal appear in each issue; additional contributors as noted. Often reprints of poems by recognizable poets. When serials are involved, CC provides summaries of earlier episodes. [2]


Issue 1

Chamber Cameos 1 was published in 1990.

  • Out of the Darkness by Margaret Mansfield
  • Heaven's Gift by Inze Paskal
  • The Balcony by Margaret Mansfield
  • Mutual Longings by Donna Vasquez

Issue 2

Chamber Cameos 2 was published in 1990.

  • Out of the Darkness by Margaret Mansfield
  • Friends in Need by Margaret Mansfield
  • The Balcony by Margaret Mansfield
  • It Is and Always Shall Be by Inez Paskal

Issue 3

Chamber Cameos 3 was published in 1990.

Issue 4

Chamber Cameos 4 was published in 1990.

  • Maybe They Will Keep Me by Margaret Mansfield
  • Serenity by Donna Vasquez
  • It Is and Always Will Be, conclusion by Inez Paskal
  • The Devil's Workshop by Inez Paskal
  • Where You Least Expect It by Margaret Mansfield

Issue 5

Chamber Cameos 5 was published in 1990.

  • Black Lace by Inez Paskal
  • New Beginnings by Margaret Mansfield
  • Gift of Laughter by Karen Morgia
  • Any Other Day by Margaret Mansfield

Issue 6

Chamber Cameos 6 was published in 1990.

  • All Hallow's Eve by Karen Morgia
  • Safe Below by Margaret Mansfield
  • Revenge by Sam Green
  • Out of the Depths by Inez Paskal

Issue 7

Chamber Cameos 7 was published in 1990.

  • And So it Continues by Margaret Mansfield
  • The Side of Truth by Andreas Dumasias
  • Blessings by Margaret Mansfield
  • Betwixted and Between by Inez Paskal

Issue 8

Chamber Cameos 8 was published in 1990.

  • The Thre Kings
  • True Meaning
  • White Lace and Holly
  • Strangers in a Strange Land

Issue 9

Chamber Cameos 9 was published in 1990.

Issue 10

Chamber Cameos 10 was published in 1990.

Issue 11

Chamber Cameos 11 was published in 1990.

Issue 12

Chamber Cameos 12 was published in 1990.

Issue 13

Chamber Cameos 13 was published in 1991.

Issue 14

Chamber Cameos 14 was published in 1991.

Issue 15

Chamber Cameos 15 was published in 1991.

Issue 16

Chamber Cameos 16 was published in 1991.

Issue 17

Chamber Cameos 17 was published in 1991.

Issue 18

Chamber Cameos 18 was published in 1991.


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