Magic Windows

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Title: Magic Windows
Publisher: Darkhorse Publishing Group/Golden Heart Press
Editor(s): Roxanne Shearer Koogler
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Dragon is the artist

Magic Windows is a 127-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Roxanne Shearer Koogler and published in 1991. It has a cover by Dragon. Artists are Dragon, Kriss Farver, Rita Terrell, Barbara Gipson, Sandra Shelton, Sharon Young, Paula Ollie, Donna G. Leva, Lisa K. Wildman, Phyllis Berwick, Kathy Wooding, Randy Pender, and Kristy Effinger.


This zine consists of quite a mixed bag of story lines. Several stories find Vincent and Catherine in alternate/fantasy universes: Sherwood Forest, old Kentucky, a jungle and more. Three stories follow events of the 3rd season. One is a SND; in another, Vincent discovers Catherine's twin sister; and in the final story, Mr. Rourke (of Fantasy Island) grants Diana's wish to allow Vincent one last day with Catherine. Diana appears as a friend in this zine. There is also a Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, plus a thought-provoking Vincent and Catherine married short story. Nice art with Barbara Gipson's pieces being extremely memorable. There's definitely something for everyone here. [1]


  • Magic Windows by Pam Smith (8)
  • How Vincent Came to Sherwood by Pam Smith (9)
  • Across the Ages by Margaret Davis (18)
  • The Singing Hills by Phyliss Amason (19)
  • "A lark caught in a hunters net..." by Linda Jordon (28)
  • The Missives of Montclair by Lisa K Wifdman (29)
  • Like Alice by Pam Smith (40)
  • Jungle Encounter by Pam Smith (41)
  • Hard As... Luggage by Sherry A. Bass (46)
  • Haiku Cycle by Phyliss Amason (49)
  • A Crystal Cavern Tale by Pam Smith (51)
  • A Winter's Eve by TJ Wildman (52)
  • A Matter of Trust by Adele Turner (53)
  • Double Feature by Linda Mooney (61)
  • "I could awake in the early morning.." by Lisa K. Wildman (67)
  • You Ask by MariLynn (68)
  • Between Black & White by Sandra Saidak & Catriona Harrison (69)
  • Mirror Image by MariLynn (77)
  • Perfection by Katrina Rett (96)
  • ReQ'D by Sandra Saidak (97)
  • Waters of Truth by Margaret Davis (103)
  • Escapade by Pam Smith (116)
  • Dreams At Odds by Fraser Sherman (117)
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Barbara Gipson (127)


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