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This is a list of fanzines that have Professionals content. Two other good sources of information are The Hatstand[1] and Palely Loitering[2] both of which have generously contributed both fanzine covers and content details. Thanks also to the many other fanzine publishers and zine collectors for their data.


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
After the Battle Oddbalz & Mayhem Fanzines 1995
Along the Straight and Narrow 1995
Backtrack #1-12 1989-1996
Christmas Lites holidayfic Clueless Press ?
CI5 Files Re-Opened
The Mara Chronicles
The Not-Quite Amateurs parody
Professional Junkies 1986
Professional Mayhem No Name No City Press 2002
Professional Prose Quarter Moon Press 1998
The Professionals Special Gen Collection Neon Rainbow Press 2002
Running All the Way, Sir #1-4 Bearly Spaced Enterprises 1994-1998
Seven Nights In Bangkok ?
Shattered Spirit
A Shot in the Dark 1995
Straight Shooting also het 1985
Tenderloin Featherpaw Press 1991
The Unofficial CI5 Fairystories
Up to Standard
Walking Through the Broken Glass Poison Pen Press 1992

Gen Crossovers

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Knitted Souls #9, 10 some Sentinel/Professionals xovers 2002-2003
Mission Professional Professionals/Star Trek: TOS/Mission Impossible 1985
Professional Hilarity with multiple fandoms
Pros and Cons anthology 1997

Gen Multimedia

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The Agony Column Bill Hupe 1994
Airwaves AAA Press 1984-
Compadres #1-30 Neon Rainbow Press 1992-2007
Crazy Quilt ?
D.S.V. ?
Everything But the Kitchen Sink #1-6 Markaline Press 1985-1994
The Eyes Have It! #1-8 Wizard Works ?-1996
Mourning AllGen Press 2002
Of Dreams and Schemes 1981-
Remote Control Criterion Press 1990-2004
Syndicated Images 1980s
Time Warp 1977-1984


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
£3 Note Series Oblique Publications 1991-1993
98% Pure Murphy Satyr D'Nite Press 1995
Across the Table ?
Affairs of the Heart - Kathy K. Nut Hatch Press 1988
Aftermath - Gwyneth Rhys Deathless Pros Press 1995
All the Queen's Men - Victoria Racklyft & Suzan Lovett vampire AU CornHusker Press 1998
Also Conquered pre-1994
And Lovers Long Ago
Angel in the Dark - Thomas and Suzan Lovett Scarritt 1996
The Anglo-American Connection pre-1994
Arabian Nights - Kathy Keegan AU 1986
Arabian Nights - Pamela Rose AU Manacles Press 1992
As Games Are Played circuit 1990
Attack of the Killer Cows photo-quip, screen-caps with captions, zine ?
B & D's Excellent Adventures reprints of Jane Mailander fic from Chalk and Cheese 1999
A Beach to Walk On - E.T. Gryphon Press 1997
Beguiled Moppets World Press 1991
The Best of DIAL: 1997-2002 2003
The Bisto Kids Infinity Press 2001
Blood and Fire - Jane AU Nut Hatch ?
Bolero - Ophelia Jones AU 1995
Book of Strife - P. Willow apocafic AU Nut Hatch 1991
Bound to Please BDSM Nut Hatch 1994
Brit Wit cartoons 1992
Camera Shy - Meg Lewtan AU Oz X-Press 1986
Catch a Fallen Star - Rosemary CrowRow Productions 2003
Cat Tales Bound in Leather Press 1986
Celebrations (Anthology zine in two volumes) Gryphon Press 1999
The Christmas Bash #1-2 holiday fic 1992-1993
CI5 Junkies 1986
Clan of the White Fox Elf AU The Hunting Nut Hatch 1990
Classified - Amy A. Morgan and Adela Kingsbury Keynote Press 1998
Cleopatra's Nose - Wally AU Nut Hatch Press 1999
Close Quarters Deathless Pros Press 1996
Cocktales Golden Rooster Press 1987
Collected Professionals Devious Development Press 2004
Coming from Behind circuit 1980s
Concupiscence Manacles Press 1991-1997
Continental B and D: Have Partner, Will Travel Satyr D'Nite Press 1993
The Cook and the Warehouseman AU Pear Tree Press 1997
Cow Tales & Udder Atrocities con zine Porcine Press 1988
Cross My Heart #1-14 Nut Hatch Press 1987-2002
D-Notice 1995
Dark, Blue, Roses yaoi doujinshi Atelier SKYFiSH 2007
Daydreams of a Captive Soul Light and Shadows Press 2003
Dialj Bound 2006
Diamyien Tanglewebb Press 1991
The Diary Devious Developments Press 2004
The Die is Cast - Fiona Murray Gryphon Press 1996
Down Under Express Batho and Kerr Ink 1992-1996
The Dreaming Stone Stories AU Nut Hatch 1991
Echoes of Elfland Horns Nut Hatch 1998
Elvensongs Elf AU Nut Hatch 1992-1993
English Gothic Clueless Press 1995
Ember Days - O Yardley Gryphon Press 1993
Encore! Nut Hatch 1991-1994
Eternal Return AU 1998
Eternal Wind, Book One: Swordsong AU Nut Hatch 2002
Exile 2009
Fair Blows the Wind Elf AU Nut Hatch Press 1989
Falconhurst Nut Hatch Press 1989
A Family Affair - Lizzie Trenoweth Gryphon Press 2002
Fancy Dancing part of the 'Fancy Dancing' series Nut Hatch Press 1989
Fantazine #1-6 AU anthology Nut Hatch Press 1988-1994
Faute Professionnelle 1993
Flesh and Steel Nut Hatch Press 1994
Flood Tide Nut Hatch Press 1992
For Auld Lang Syne part of the 'Rainy Days' series Nut Hatch Press 1992
Forever True - Elizabeth Holden Keynote Press 1997
Forget Me Never
Fruit of the Spirit - Cherilyn Gryphon Press 1999
Full Circle B/D Outtakes collection of Pros stories from the Full Circle anthologies Nut Hatch Press 1995
Game Theory - Dee Sinister Triplet Press 1992
Gentle on My Mind #1-5 Nut Hatch 1987-1994
God Bless Us, Every One
Guilty Pleasures Media Cannibals 1997
The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #1-10 compilation of fiction from The Hatstand Express letterzine 1985-1987
HG Collected Dog-house Press 2002
Harlequin Airs Uzi Press 1993
Hazardous Fortune historical AU Requiem Publications 2005
He said "I will never be with you" yaoi doujinshi Atelier SKYFiSH 2007
Heat-Trace - Helen Raven Pear Tree Press 1992
The Highwayman - O Yardley Gryphon Press 1997
Hostage to Peace AU Nut Hatch Press 1994
House of Cards Golden Unicorn Press 1988
Hunted by Devils - H.G.
The Hunting Elf AU Nut Hatch Press 1986
The Hunting Companion #1-2 Elf AU Nut Hatch Press 1987, 1989
Injured Innocents - O Yardley Gryphon Press 2002
In the Lift 1980s
In the Future Tense Nut Hatch Press 1992
In the Public Interest AMC Press 1985-1991
Island Innocents 2002
Jigsaw Puzzle - H.G. Gryphon Press 1996
Journey West - Maiden Wyoming Oblique Publications 1997
Just Beginnings Quarter Moon Press 1999
The Kingdom of Summer Elf AU Nut Hatch 1989
A Kind of Magic circuit 1992
La Batalla Ultima Clueless Press 1998
The Land-Bridge Saga AU 1994
Largesse Batho and Kerr Ink 1998
The Larton Chronicles - Rhiannon AU Gryphon Press 1995, expanded 2002
Leather and Blue Jeans PAL Press 1993-1995
Legends - Madelaine Ingram AU 1993
Lest These Dark Days
Life Goes On IDP Press 2001
A Little B & D #1-2 No Name No City Press 2003-2004
Living Pros Bovinity Press 1999
Look Through My Eyes 1991
Love Conquers All Regency AU Dog House Press 1998
A Lovesome Thing - O Yardley Gryphon Press 2007
Magickal Collected AU Nut Hatch 1990
A Madrigal AU Nut Hatch Press 1987
Miguel Nut Hatch 1986
More Than Just a Holiday Romance Devious Developments Press 2004
Motet #1-4 Keynote Press 1996-2000
Murder at the Manor
Murder on the Moor AU circuit ?
Nemo Repente Fuit Turpissimus circuit zine 1983
Never Far Apart #1-2 Justazine Publications 2007-2009
Never Let Me Down Manacles Press 1992
New Memories Devous Developments Press 2003
Night Music in B and D Keynote Press 1998
Not What You Expect Giltline Press 1998
No Vanity Nut Hatch Press 1999
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Featherpaw Inc. 1999
Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink Manacles Press 1992-1995
Of Tethered Goats and Tigers Blue Jay Press 1984
Old Friends #1-2 Chained to the Typewriter Press 1995
Open All Night Noel Silva 1980s
Orbital Resonance I may not have been printed? 2006
Other Times and Places #1-6 AU OTP Press (aka Other Times and Places Press) 1990-1995
Out of this World ?
Over the Top ?
Paper Flowers - Kitty Fisher AU Gryphon Press 1992
Partner Imperfect ?
The Peerless Pair - H.G. AU Gryphon Press 1990
Perfect Gentlemen AU Nut Hatch 1991
Pig Tales ?
Poems, Prayers and Promises Entwhistle and Duck 1986
Printed Circuits #1 - O Yardley Gryphon Press 1995
Priority A-3 #1-3 IDP Press 1999-2001
Professional Adventures Requiem Publications 2009
Professional B and D Satyr D'Nite 1993
Professional Caprices Beth's Press 1999
Professional Dreamer 1992
Professionals 2000 Gambit 2000
The Professionals Special Slash Collection Neon Rainbow Press 2002
Promises, Promises ?
Pros Prose ?
The Pros Theme Zine 2002
Rainbow Chasers circuit 1991 by HG Dog-House Press 1998
Rainy Days Nut Hatch ?
Rat Tales circuit 1986
Redemption - Kate MacLean Gryphon Press 2007
Rediscovered in a Graveyard circuit 1982 Dog-House Press 1998
Rhiannon Gryphon Press 1998
Right Down to the Belt circuit 1980s
Rites of Passage elf AU Nut Hatch 1988
Roses and Lavender #1-7 Allamagoosa Press 1997-2007
Sand Castle Allamagoosa Press 1997
Scars Taerie Bryant 1998
Sebastian Collected Dog House Press 2002
Secret Agent Men #1-12 AngelWings Press/Requiem 2002-2009
Septet Gryphon Press 2011
Shadows Over the Land Other Times and Places Press 1992
A Simple Game 1993
Slippery When Wet Noel Silva 1993
The Small Print
Soldier of Fortune ?
The Sorcerer's Web - Liz Bradford fantasy AU Gryphon Press 1998
Soul and Storm Nut Hatch 1999
Soul Surrender Kathy Resch 1997
Sparrow Through the Hall Nut Hatch 1998
Stage Fright - Meg Lewtan Oz X-Press ?
Stop the Presses Nut Hatch 2003
Strange Days Indeed Dog-house Press 1999
Strangers On the Shore AU Nut Hatch 1994
Suffer Little Children 1995
Summer's End Deathless Pros Press 1995
The Swordsman AU Nut Hatch 1993
Sword of Damocles by Trish Darbyfield Nut Hatch 1993
Taemon's Cuckoos AU Tanglewebb Press 1991
Tea for Two Deathless Pros Press 1994
Teo Torriate 1986
This Classical Dilemma circuit 1990
Three and a Half Hatstands Green Dragon Press 1994
Three Hatstands from Doyle's Point of View Green Dragon Press ?
A Throw of the Dice Nut Hatch 1990
Time and Motion Nut Hatch 1991
To Friends Chained to the Typewriter Press 1993
Truth to Tell Deathless Pros Press 1995
Triptych 1990
Twenty-One S. Griffen & K. Morgan 1989
Two Lovers - O Yardley Gryphon Press 2008
Under the Tree 1992
Unfinished Melody - Jane Nut Hatch 1988
Unprofessional Conduct #1-12 Gryphon Press 1992-2003
Up Against the Wall Noel Silva 1980s
Vale-View - Kris Brown and Noel Silva circuit 1990
Variations on the Theme of B and D #1-2 Keynote Press 1997-1999
Virtual Pros Bovinity Press 1997
Waiting to Fall - Rob circuit 1989
Walking in the Moonlight Friends Will Be Friends Press 1989
The Walled Garden gen or slash Felicity M. Parkinson 1988
Whatever We Are, You Made Us! AUs ?
What If... Manacles Press 1992
Whisper of a Kill Manacles Press 1992
Who Dares Wins - S. F. ?
Who is Ray Doyle? Requiem Publications 2003
Woven Patternings circuit 1997
The Yellow Brick Road - Kate MacLean Gryphon Press 1999
You Must Remember This Clueless Press 1996

Slash Crossovers

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Antiques and Delectables anthology, several Pros/Lovejoy crossovers 1993
The Cassidy Legacy- Kathy Keegan Professionals/Cassidy Nut Hatch 1991
Cross-Currents Mkashef Enterprises 1996
Czardas Professionals/Ladder of Swords Nut Hatch Press 1994
Don't Ask Don't Tell #1 with Soldier of Fortune Neon Rainbow Press 1998
Love and Guns #2 Professionals/Sentinel AMC Press 1997
Master of the Revels Facelift/Professionals AU Uzi Press 1990
Mixed Media Harry and Johnny/multiple crossovers
No Night So Dark with Robin of Sherwood 1989
Odds Against with Starsky and Hutch/Forever Knight Maverick Press 2002
The Remember Me Affair - Ravenschild Professionals/Man From UNCLE Devious Developments Press 2003
Revolution - Madelein Lee Mirror Universe ST:TOS/multiple 1995
Scotch Doubles #1-5 Professionals/multiple Nunn-Better Press 1993-1997
To Boldly Go #2-3 Professionals/Star Trek:TNG Almost Foolproof Press 1990-1991
Twinflight Professionals/multiple crossovers 1992

Slash Multimedia

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Adult Situations Markalaine Press 1986
Alter Egos Dog House Press ?
Awakenings Markate Press 1995-
Battle of Hope Devious Developments Press 2004
Bedroom Eyes Secret Pleasures Press 2002
Bene Dictum Oblique Publications 1992-2002
Best Little Valentine Zine in Texas W.H.I.P.S. 1984
Bride of Frisky Business Almost Foolproof Press 1989
Bring Me the Head of Frisky Business Almost Foolproof Press 1991
Bunting Fly Anna Parrish 1992
Compounded Interest AMC Press ?
Dark Fantasies #1-8 Maverick Press 1993-2001
Diverse Doings Straight Up Press 1997-2001
Dyad MKASHEF Enterprises 1995-
Endless Frisky Nights Almost Foolproof Press 1993
Entr'Acte Keynote Press 1999
Even Less to Hide Get-the-Boys-Together Press 2002
Espresso 1996
Free for All #1-2 Felix Press 1992-1993
Friends Will Be Friends Crevichon Press 1993-1995
Frisky Business #1-8 Almost Foolproof Press 1986-1987
Frisky the Thirteenth Almost Foolproof Press 1992
Fruit Cocktail Rainbow Dragon Press 1991-1994
Full Circle Nut Hatch Press 1993-
Hauntings and Others Felix Press 1992
Homosapien #1-7 1990s
If Their Mothers Only Knew New Leaf Press/New Leaf Productions 1993
Indigo Boys In Person Press 1993-2000
It's Greek to Me Olyve Press 1992
It's Raining Men #2 AngelWings Press 2001
Just the Friskys, Ma'am Almost Foolproof Press 1992
Liaisons 1991-1993
Lovers Chained-to-the-Typewriter Press 1992-1993
Magnetism #1-2 1985
Merlyn's Tales #1-1 Crevichon Press 1995-1995
Mobile Ghettos Entwhistle & Duck 1985
Nightmare on Frisky Street Almost Foolproof Press 1993
No Holds Barred #1-25 Kathy Resch 1992-2002
Nothing to Hide Get-the-Boys-Together Press 1998
One in Ten #1-15 Neon Rainbow Press 1996-2009
On the Edge #1-2 OTP Press 1993-
Overtures 2003
Plain Brown Wrapper #1-2 Queen's Press 1993-1994
Playfellows Merry Men Press 1991-1997
Red Hot Lovers Chained to the Typewriter Press 1995
Red Rose Red Rose Press 1994
Satyrnalia #1-3 FireTrine Press 1994
Sidekicks Sidekicks Press with AngelWings Press 2003
Slagensh Ellis Ward
Southern Hospitality published in connection with the Southern Gathering con 2001
This Happy Breed of Men, This England Triffid's Leg Press 1998
Uncharted Waters Crevichon Press 1990s
Where the Lightning Strikes
Who Happen to Be Cops
Wild Cards Bodacious Press
A World In Us 2005

Mixed Gen, Het & Slash

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Aliens Ate My Zine movie fusions Clueless Press 1997
Blind Run Clueless Press 1993-1996
British Takeaway Kate Nuernberg 1985-1992
Brit Shriek! Whatever You Do, Don't Press 1992
Chalk and Cheese Agent With Style 1988-1999
Close Doubles Spice Press 1990
The Concrete Jungle Cat-A-Tonic Press 1993
Discovered on a Rooftop Spice Press 1985
Espresso #1-3 1990-
Everybody Dies Secret Pleasures Press 2003
Foxhole in a Graveyard Spice Press 1988
Heroes New Leaf Press ?
Holiday Shrieks holidayfic Whatever You Do, Don't Press 1992
The Hols of CI5 holidayfic Whatever You Do, Don't Press 1991
London by Night 1994
Mates #1-4 mostly slash, some gen Spice Press 1988-1996
Murphy's Law Satyr D'Nite Press 1994



Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Be Gentle With Us slash letterzine 1991-1993
Discovered in a Letterbox #1-24 letterzine, also fanfic 1997-2002
The Hatstand Express #1-23 letterzine, also fanfic 1984-
The Professionals Episode Guide
Professional Insight reference guide Pear Tree Press 1990
Short Circuit letterzine, also fanfic


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