The Walled Garden

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Title: The Walled Garden
Author(s): Felicity Parkinson
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): December 1988
Medium: print zine
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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The Walled Garden ("The Walled Garden or William Ashton's Secret") is a 154-page slash AU Professionals novel by Felicity Parkinson set in the Victorian Period and was inspired by the British TV series adaption of "East Lynne." It is unknown if the novel was printed in a zine format or released as a photocopy as part of the Circuit Library.

cover of a photocopy of the story. The text in the upper right corner reads "Return to Lily." Many of the circuit stories were circulated via loaned photocopies.

Author's preface: "This story evolved after reading East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood and watching its television adaptation. I did not believe that Archibald Carlyle would 'live happily ever after' with Barbara. For a variety of reasons, this piece of writing has taken many more years than I would have believed possible at the outset. I wish to thank all those who were determined I finish it. I should also like to think that Mrs. Henry Wood, were she alive today, would understand that I care as much about Archibald Carlyle as she obviously did."

Circuit Library summary: "The twice widowed Archibald Carlyle (Doyle) employees William Ashton (Bodie) as a gardener. Ashton is really a wealthy man disinherited for being homosexual. The two start a relationship with some angsty ups and downs. Happy-ish end, despite the declining health of Carlyle."