Down Under Express

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Title: Down Under Express
Publisher: Batho and Kerr Ink previously Clarke & Keating Ink
Editor(s): Joanne Kerr and Susan Clarke
Date(s): 1992-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Down Under Express is a slash Professionals anthology.

There is one Special Edition of this series, and it is called Largesse.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Down Under Express 1 was published in April 1992 and contains 106 pages.

  • No Dominion by Anonymous
  • When Needs Must by Maree Celeste ("Doyle was in the shower, trying not to let his anger of yesterday fire him again. He ached comfortably in places where a man was meant to ache after such a night, and although that brought a smile to his face, it was more grim than pleased. He rubbed the soap into every part of his body, trying to wash something away. Yesterday. The flush of anger rose on Doyle's face. "Bugger Cowley," He retorted.'")
  • Merely Players by D'Arcy ("The whispers were followed by two almost simultaneous groans and some heavy breathing. Startled, Peters looked at Lewis and raised his eyebrows. "Just as well they warned us," Lewis said in reply. "I can understand they wouldn't want a tape like that floating around loose, even if it was made on Cowley's orders. People could easily get the wrong impression." 'Or the right one," snickered Peters. "There'll be mileage out of this later, if only to get back at Bodie for always winning at darts."'")
  • He Loves Cadbury Dairy Milk... by Trish Darbyfeld ("'He moved his arms experimentally, then cracked his eyes open and looked up at them cautiously. They were tied to the bedhead with two of his good silk ties. He looked down the bed. So were his feet. Bodie took a deep breath and yelled, "Ray!!" Doyle appeared in the doorway. He was wearing - Bodie blinked, re-focussed his eyes, and blinked again. Yes, he was wearing his leather jacket, tight matching leather pants, his silver chain, and— not much else. "You rang?" he said.")
  • Cold Hot Water Bottle by Peighi
  • New Year, New Discoveries, New Associations by Elene Rigby
  • History Repeated by Stew ("Eventually Doyle said, "I had a friend once - Kevin, his name was. In school, we were fourteen. For me, it was experimenting. I was too scared of girls to make the move on them; like they were a different species, so when he suggested it.... But in the end he turned out to be gay. I think I disappointed him." Doyle shook his head. "After all this time, he's still on my mind." Bodie let out a short laugh. "Funny, isn't it? History repeating itself - me falling for my partners - you disappointing your gay friends."")
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Wally

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
1993 flyer for issue #1 and #2

Down Under Express 2 was published in 1992 and contains 116 pages. Illos by Anja Gruber, IanK, and Karen Eaton.

  • Never Forget Me by D'Arcy
  • Radial-Tuned Suspension by Elene Rigby
  • Silent Night by Katy Deery
  • Night Dreaming by Maree Celeste
  • Next of Kin by Mirna Cicioni
  • Put to the Torture by Trish Darbyfeld
  • Hern's Other Son by Wally

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[art on page 7]:

Anja Gruber, I really like your artwork in DUE#2. Especially the portrait of Bodie on page 7. [1]


I'm looking forward to the next issue of DUE because I really enjoyed reading the first two. My favourites were New Year, New Discoveries...., History Repeated, When Needs Must and Next Of Kin. Silent Night was just a little to sad for my liking, but that depends very much on how I feel, when I'm reading a sad story. Maybe it had something to do with a movie I saw two or three months ago, featuring Mel Gibson. A friend of mine, who watched the film with me, was very glad about the happy end'. I just can't understand how someone could find such a conclusion happy. Of course they were together in the end, but what a waste of live! To age forty or fifty years in one week without the chance to really live them is something I find rather sad.

If I'm lucky, I'll have time tomorrow to start reading #3 and find out, why some of you liked Change of Mind so much. [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Anja Gruber

Down Under Express 3 was published in March 1993 and contains 106 pages. Cover and three interior illos by Anja Gruber. It won a 1994 FanQ.

  • Play by Axel Foley, III (part 3 of the "Card Shark series". "Shuffle" (part 1 ) and "Deal" (part 2) were published as part of the circuit library).
  • Test by Mirna Cicioni
  • A Matter of Issue by Jude
  • A Man for All Seasons by Wally
  • Mind Thoughts by D'Arcy
  • Change of Mind by CFP:
  • Life on the Edge by Jean Stroud

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3


"Play" by Axel Foley, III, recounts a strip poker game between Bodie, Doyle, and Murphy in which the stake is being fucked. Pairings are Bodie/Doyle, Bodie/Murphy, and Doyle/Murphy.

"Test" by Mirna Cicioni is a CI5-based story in which Doyle suffers doubts after a woman he's protecting on a baby-sitting op is killed.

"A Matter of Issue" by Jude is a first-time B/D story following Doyle's learning his girlfriend had got pregnant, and dealt with it on her own.

"A Man for All Seasons" by Wally is a post-Involvement story as the B/D relationship changes after Ann dumps Doyle.

D'Arcy's "Mind Thoughts" is a CI5-based story written in Doyle's pov, charting the evolution of his relationship with Bodie via events woven through various episodes.

In CFP's "Change of Mind", Doyle is kidnapped by East German agents, drugged and brainwashed into being homosexual, but fixates on Bodie alone once he's rescued. [3]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Down Under Express 4 was published in 1994 and contains 116 pages. Illos by Anja Gruber and Karen Eaton.

  • The Green Ey'd Monster by Anna Vie
  • Pulse by April Pentland
  • Roses by April Pentland - sequel to Pulse
  • Joint Tenants by CFP
  • Death Watch/Life Watch by Jean Stroud
  • Status Quo by Jude
  • Bodie by Susan Clarke - GEN

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Anja Gruber

Down Under Express 5 was published in March 1994 and contains 86 pages. Cover and interior illos by Anja Gruber.

  • Symptoms by April Pentland (sequel to "Roses") (22 pages)
  • Moment by Moment by Jude (8 pages)
  • Doyle by Maree Celeste (65 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5


"Doyle" by Maree Celeste is set pre-CI5 with a Doyle/OMC pairing. Doyle falls for his murdered gay roommate's lover while looking into the killing. Bodie doesn't appear, but Cowley is in a few scenes.

April Pentland's "Symptoms" is a sequel to her duo of stories in Down Under Express 4: "Pulse" and "Roses". [4]

Issue 6

Down Under Express 6 was published in February 1995 and contains 120 pages. It won a 1996 FanQ. Cover and illos by Anja Gruber.

cover of issue #6, Anja Gruber
  • Clap Hands by HG
  • Tough Guy by April Pentland
  • A Hard Man by Jude
  • Music of the Night by Mandy
  • For a Second by Peighi
  • Lighten Our Darkness by D'Arcy - GEN
  • The Op by April Pentland (sequel to "Symptoms")

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6


"Clap Hands" by HG is a first-tiime story set in the CI5 world. After they get together, they discuss their previous relationship.

"Tough Guy" by April Pentland features Bodie and Doyle having sex in a flat they've just used for a stake out.

"A Hard Man" by Jude deals with Doyle's discovering Bodie is impotent, at least with a girl.

In "Music of the Night" by Mandy, Ann Holly's return puts a strain on Bodie's and Doyle's relationship as Doyle suffers conflicted feelings.

"For a Second" by Peighi is a Bodie/Cowley story set pre-CI5, told in Cowley's pov.

D'Arcy's "Lighten Our Darkness" is a gen story that recounts, via flashbacks, Doyle's story from the death of Syd Parker to Doyle's joining CI5, and Bodie's via flashbacks of Africa through to the aftermath of Wild Justice.

"The Op" by April Pentland is an SF AU in which Bodie and Doyle are infected by alien organisms from outer space that cause dire effects, but also lead to a change in their relationship. This story is the fourth in a sequence, all by April Pentland: "Pulse" and "Roses" in Down Under Express 4, and "Symptoms" in Down Under Express 5. [5]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Down Under Express 7 was published in 1995 and contains 116 pages. Illos by Shayne McCormack and Anja Gruber.

From an ad: "More tales of Bodie and Doyle from Australia. In this new issue you will find Serendipity by Jude, A Week In ... Africa? by Wally, Angel Street and Rose Cottage by April Pentland along with the Editorial and Letter Column. Art from Shayne McCormack, Anja Gruber, and Mano-A-Mano."

  • Angel Street by April Pentland
  • Rose Cottage by April Pentland
  • Serendipity by Jude
  • A Weekend in...Africa? by Wally

Issue 8

Down Under Express 8 was published in 1996 and contains 94 pages. Cover by Anja Gruber interior illos by Karen Eaton.

  • The Other Side by April Pentland
  • Mayday by Cynthia Coe
  • Bears Repeating by James
  • Writing in Progress by James


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