Eternal Wind

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Title: Eternal Wind
Publisher: The Nut Hatch
Author(s): Jane
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2002
Series?: planned but never completed
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals/multimedia
Language: English
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Eternal Wind is a slash AU fancasted novel by Jane using the characters Bodie and Ray Doyle from The Professionals. The novel includes some characters from Doctor Who, Highlander, Star Trek: TNG, and others (Raeman?). In the introductory note in the zine, the author says it exists "in the cracks" between fan fiction and original fiction.

It was part of a planned series called, "Swordsong" (not to be confused with The Swordsman.) The first chapter was also called "Bloodsong" in one flyer.

The series was never completed.

The publisher put up a sample chapter for free download [1] and also offered a few samples of the artwork by the artist Jade (a pseud of the author for artwork).

The Trilogy

The series was intended to be a trilogy, with each issue 200 - 250 pages.

  • Book One: Swordsong in March 2002 (titled "Bloodsong" in a May 2003 flyer)
  • Book Two: Windsong in August 2002
  • Book Three: Spellsong in December 2002

Copyrights and Fair Use

Simply stated, if you borrow characters, situations, locations, names, whatever, you will be committing an act of piracy, because ETERNAL WIND has been crafted as a fully original work. Only the five characters that spell B-O-D-I-E have been recycled from an earlier project ... and that's a good old Irish name to which a "TM" cannot be applied. [1]
Please see "Disclaimers" above, and "Copyrights" below to see our side of the question of legal usage! And if we have inadvertantly crossed some line, or if you should have a dispute with any material, textual or illustrative, please email us. Breaching the copyright of any other author, artist or photographer is the last thing we want to do, because we work darned hard on our own projects, and we know what it's like to get ripped off. We make this pledge: ETERNAL WIND is textually fully original, and the digital artwork, though it uses photographic materials from motion picture sources, is vastly different from the original images ... not just the mandatory 15%. If you are in any doubts, please do make contact; but also check up on "copyright and fair usage law" at this point in time. We believe that we are well inside what's permitted by law, with oceans of space to spare. [2]

Fan Casted

The zine was fancasted and Jane said:

ETERNAL WIND is no more a "fannish work" than THE HUNTING and FLESH AND STEEL ... however, it is perfectly true that the characters have been cast with some of the author's and artist's favorite actors! Their faces and performances are being custom-tailored to suit, and fit, this all-original work.

The book itself (in all its three parts) is an adult narrative, not written for the younger reader, and certainly it will not be knowingly supplied to readers under the age of consent. While the adult relationships are always portrayed tastefully ... they are portrayed, so be warned! If adult themes and relationships, including same-gender relationships, troubles you, please don't place a reservation for any part of this trilogy.

Photographic materials for the artwork have been gleaned from many sources: the web, screen captures, scans. Nothing was sacred! BUT ... the only usage of as-original photographic materials is in the "Character Inspirations" section, where such images are actually used in the manner of review and promotion for the actors, and the various productions in which they appeared. No copyright is claimed over these images; such acknowledgments as are awardable are graciously awarded right here. We owe a debt of thanks to numerous studios, magazines, photographers and so on, most of whom are beyond our ability to name. If you do indeed know of such a credit, and would like to see it on a future version of this site, please email us and we would be delighted to give full credits!

As per the artwork: this is indeed copyright — by Jade. The way copyright law works at this juncture, a work must be at least 15% different from the original to be recognized as a new work. All of the motion picture photo references used to produce this artwork have been massively modified. The differences are a great deal more than 15%, and this original artwork is indeed copyright. If you would like to use it for print-media or web-driven projects, please email first and give Jade a credit. That's all we ask!

For the backgrounds to the web pages, a majority of the time JJ's own pictures from Alaska, Canada, Australia and the UK have been scanned. Newer pictures began their life digitally and circumvented scanning. An on-line library of "digital elements for artists" is being built, and will be on-line at DreamCraft in due course. [3]
interior art by Jade
interior art by Jade

From a 2003 Flyer

THE ETERNAL WIND TRILOGY a new fantasy trilogy by Jane

Part One: Bloodsong

The first 250pp novel is already available; the second and third are (admittedly) overdue as of the time of this upload (May 2003) ... Jane's private life has been difficult for some time, and many fannish projects had to be placed on the back burner for the better part of a year. However, work is underway once more and the trilogy will not only be completed, books 2 and 3 will be done *back to back.*

This series does't live at Nut Hatch! You need to return to the DOAW Navigator page, click on the Eternal Wind link, from the drop-down menu at top-right of your sceen ... and from there you can explore a 3MB website of such beauty, we've been told, "It's not s website, it's a work of art."

The first book is 250pp, with a color cover. It ships with a multimedia disk for Windows PC, and it's in the 1,000g posting bracket. [4]

"About the Author"

"Jane" is the pen-name of a writer who has been read, and re-read for over twenty years in many fields — including the world of professionally published fiction! The Hunting, Flesh and Steel, The Dreaming Stone and Rainy Days are only a few of Jane's better-known credits ... and then she has three other pen names which may (or may not!) surprise you. ETERNAL WIND is a major work which will be presented in three volumes ... again, a common "get-out" for a writer whose works usually don't just run long, they run epic. If you are in any doubts about the quality of Jane's work, then please download the sample chapters and be enthralled. A generous slice of ETERNAL WIND has been offered on-line here: about the first 15% of this first novel of the trilogy is yours, free for the downloading (copyrights apply: see below). And don't forget to reserve your copy, or copies! (The book will be in print from NHE for the forseeable future, but be aware that we print by the batch, and "print on demand" books can incur shipping delays). [5]


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