Fair Blows the Wind

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Title: Fair Blows the Wind
Publisher: The Nut Hatch
Author(s): Jane of Australia
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): JJ
Date(s): October 1989
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Fair Blows the Wind is a slash elf AU 249-page Professionals novel by Jane. JJ did the art and several poems.
sample interior pages
sample interior pages

For more information on this series, see The Hunting Universe.

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It Must Have Cost a Bundle

Ordering zines from The Nut Hatch was often a pricey endeavor, due to, among other thing, the cost of postage. But "Fair Blows the Wind" must have been quite expensive as per this note by the editorial in Fancy Dancing, a zine that came in under budget: "After the price of Fair Blows the Wind, it was the least we could do! The dollars and cents you save on this zine which comes to you crammed into half the space, helps to make up for the cost of Fair Blows... which is not to say the Raven/Bodie zine wasted space, at 50/50 reductions!"

From the editorial -- regarding technical challenges: {{Quotation|The problems of presenting this opus In purchasable form were huge. You can't have a 540pp zine, to start with. You can't bind, mall or even handle something like that (imagine trying to post it: it would weigh over 1400g, and airmail postage on that would be A$36! The only solution was to reduce everything. This decision was not easily made, because we know full well, it makes the type difficult, wearing on the optics. But in favour of the reductions is the saving — A$18 airmail postage, and in copying, the saving another $25 or so. The purchase price of the zine is still high, but not so vastly high, given the size of the thing.

The story concept came out of letters of comment that came in after Part X of the mainstream text. That was the End Of Book Two, and because the mainstream story carries straight on, I decided to make this Book Three — and also to continue the page numbering from 847 onward. The two Companion zines fall in as Book One-And-A-half, and (predictablyl) Book Two-And-A-Half. The full story list Is given herewith, and this helps to sort out what goes where.

I want to thank the people who wrote to me, giving their thoughts and feelings on the work. These letters made me think, a lot.

Regarding Content

From the editorial
This is a story that grew and grew, and in the end had to be edited to cut It down to this length! To begin with, 'Fair Blows The Wind' Is not a novel — please don't assume that it is one, and judge it as such. It does not have the plot-structure of a novel, for one thing, and was never intended to have.

I had a whole set of stories: a mystery; a romance; an actioner; a family saga. The question haunted me for many months — how to weld them into a whole? The truth was, it could only have been done as a series of shorter stories if the events of 'Fair Blows' occurred in different years of the characters' lives.

The problem with that was, each individual story ranges from half a year to two years to weave Its way to conclusion. In other words, to tell each of these plots in serial fashion would have resulted In an anthology spanning a decade of our heroes' lives. At the same time, vast empty gaps between strategic events yawned like chasms.

The solution to all this was to overlap, or dovetail the stories... Each one overlaid on the others to produce an eighteen month narrative in which the events are tightly packed, the characters' lives are full and interesting, I'm not promising you a fast-paced story (no story of this length could possibly maintain pace; render and heroes alike would be worn to a nub in 500 pages' time), and I don't recommend you attempt to read 'Fair Blows in one swallow! Rather, this book Is 'a summer holiday between covers.' Come with me and spend a year and a half In Raven's world.

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